15:01:39 <afranke> #startmeeting
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15:02:11 <rtcm> afranke: do you mind driving the bot again?
15:02:24 <afranke> rtcm, looks like I don't. :)
15:02:24 <fnadge> rishi do you have the agenda?
15:02:35 <afranke> Give me a minute to set things up.
15:02:42 <rishi> fnadge: One moment.
15:02:44 <fnadge> Do we really need the bot?
15:02:58 <rishi> - Social events (fnadge, vbenes)
15:03:04 <rishi> - Keynotes (rishi)
15:03:07 <afranke> #info The committee has graded talks, authors have been contacted, they're gathering confirmations (the deadline is by June 2nd)
15:03:15 <rishi> - Payments (karensq, robert)
15:03:21 <rishi> - Registration
15:03:29 <rishi> - Website (rtcm, andreasn)
15:03:34 <andreasn> hi!
15:03:35 <rishi> That was the agenda.
15:03:36 <afranke> #chair rtcm
15:03:36 <Services> Current chairs: afranke rtcm
15:03:41 <andreasn> in a conflicting meeting
15:03:46 <andreasn> but I can try and follow along
15:03:56 <fnadge> right, vgbenes's still around?
15:04:02 <afranke> #topic Social events
15:04:13 <fnadge> if not I can report for him
15:04:18 <afranke> rtcm, we're all set, I guess.
15:04:46 <rishi> fnadge: vbenes is not here
15:04:49 <rtcm> afranke: thanks!
15:05:35 <fnadge> vbenes got another offer for catering
15:05:56 <fnadge> it seems like a good deal,
15:06:16 <fnadge> calculated number of guests is 200
15:07:00 <fnadge> price forbufet-like catering is 200 per person or 20,000 as a lump sum
15:07:14 <fnadge> plus staff
15:07:23 <rtcm> that's 20k CZK :-)
15:07:36 <fnadge> 8 people and another 10,000
15:08:23 <fnadge> vbenes: wnat to continue about catering just gave the basic price and numbers
15:08:27 <fnadge> ?
15:08:34 <vbenes> have to leave now soory
15:08:38 <vbenes> fnadge: ^^
15:08:38 <rishi> fnadge: vbenes: That is cheap, right?
15:08:53 <sesivany> what's included the buffet? because it's really cheap.
15:08:55 <rishi> I remember that one of the earlier offers was 50K CZK or something?
15:08:57 <fnadge> okay, seems good
15:09:21 <fnadge> vbenes said that he was still waiting on one more offer
15:09:22 <sesivany> normal catering for an event is usually 300 CZK per person.
15:09:31 <afranke> #meetingtopic Weekly GUADEC Meeting - 20130515
15:10:05 <fnadge> Do you want the offer we got? Can forward
15:10:30 <sesivany> fnadge: yes please
15:10:49 <fnadge> okay, will do
15:11:18 <fnadge> sesivany: snet
15:11:32 <sesivany> fnadge: thanks
15:11:36 <fnadge> sesivany: sent, sorry
15:11:56 <fnadge> right, can we move on?
15:12:33 <fnadge> afranke: guess we can move on
15:12:38 <sesivany> yes
15:12:44 <afranke> #info fnadge got a cheaper offer for catering (200 CZK/person)
15:12:52 <afranke> #topic Keynotes
15:13:11 <fnadge> ebassi?
15:13:31 <rishi> Basically we need to fill 2 more keynote slots.
15:13:57 <rishi> cschalle has contacted one prospective candidate that is long-time GNOME deployer.
15:14:19 <rishi> aday suggested that we ask someone from within GNOME to fill the 4th slot.
15:14:27 <fnadge> Are there any interesting Czech speakers?
15:14:47 <rishi> Names that were thrown around are: karenesq, xan,  poettering
15:15:16 <rishi> rtcm suggested that we can look at someone from Mozilla.
15:15:28 <afranke> fnadge, that's an excellent question (that I already asked last week and I didn't get any answer, so here's hoping you're more lucky than I am)
15:15:47 <fnadge> Will look into it
15:16:03 <fnadge> sesivany: any ideas?
15:16:19 <rtcm> I think Xan would be great
15:16:42 <afranke> +1, but Karen and Lennart are good ideas too.
15:16:46 <sesivany> fnadge: we can always go for someone from Red Hat as matthias suggested: Robyn Bergeron, Jaroslav Reznik,...
15:16:50 <rtcm> looking at the keynotes we have, I think having something web related is a good idea
15:17:07 <rishi> sesivany: Where is Robyn based? US?
15:17:25 <fnadge> What about Radovan Musil, REd Hat's Czech manager, would be interesting to hear a Czech voice
15:17:25 <sesivany> the guy that has deployed GNOME in Florida could be a good candidate, too.
15:17:36 <fnadge> or Vlastimil Ott
15:17:37 <sesivany> rishi: Arizona
15:17:56 <rishi> fnadge: I would go for Jaroslav over Radovan. :)
15:18:19 <fnadge> rishi: okay
15:18:30 <afranke> sesivany, Dave Richards?
15:18:37 <afranke> (City of Largo)
15:18:42 <fnadge> sesivani: what about Vlastimil?
15:18:43 <sesivany> afranke: I think that's him.
15:19:12 <afranke> He's been mentionned in the email thread about potential keynote speakers I think. We definitely should contact him.
15:19:20 <afranke> Who'd take care of that?
15:19:27 <sesivany> fnadge: Vlastimil could be a good candidate too, speaking of Red Hat, Radek Vokal might be a better option than Radovan, he's a good speaker.
15:19:32 <rishi> afranke: sesivany: We are waiting  for a reply from a GNOME deployer already.
15:19:43 <afranke> rishi, oh right, sorry.
15:19:48 <rishi> If he refuses, then we can ask Dave.
15:20:10 <rkr> fnadge: for what it's worth, vlastimil has not used gnome for a long time now. other than that, he's a good speaker.
15:20:14 <fnadge> sesivany: good point can you ask Gadek and Vlasta?
15:20:28 <afranke> #info We're waiting for a reply from a GNOME deployer as a potential keynote speaker.
15:21:05 <fnadge> hmm, I actually didn't really think he would talk about Gnome but about opensourcce in the Czech Republic
15:21:45 <fnadge> rkr: so should we ask hiim or not?
15:21:56 <rkr> i'm asking him right now
15:22:09 <fnadge> rkr: thanks
15:22:10 <rkr> open source in the CR is a good topic for vlasta
15:22:29 <rtcm> yeah, having a local speaker would be really nice too
15:22:57 <pmkovar> +1
15:23:04 <fnadge> I think he fits the ticket very well
15:25:02 <fnadge> right, is this all on keynotes?
15:25:10 <afranke> Yes.
15:25:15 <rishi> Yes.
15:25:20 <rishi> That is all about keynotes.
15:25:26 <fnadge> can we move on?
15:25:55 <afranke> Moving on to registration since Karen is not here?
15:26:43 <fnadge> any objections?
15:26:51 <afranke> #topic Registration
15:27:18 <fnadge> rtcm: any updates?
15:27:58 <rtcm> no updates yet
15:28:16 <rtcm> I'd like to have it up by the end of this month
15:28:16 <fnadge> so what is the state of things?
15:28:34 <rtcm> we need the payment system working
15:28:49 <rtcm> robert: are you there?
15:29:10 <fnadge> right, do you need more people working with you or any other help?
15:29:30 <rtcm> fnadge: actually, it might be a good idea to do a local meeting soon to discuss what exactly we want to put in the registration form
15:29:55 <fnadge> right, let's do this asap
15:30:04 <sesivany> rtcm: I agree, that needs to be well thought-through.
15:30:23 <robert> rtcm: i'm here. i'm in contact with the people who made the ayment gateway plugin for wordpress. unfortunately, it's slow going. they still haven't given me the plugin for testing.
15:31:16 <rtcm> robert: hmm, I think I asked you alredy but, would you guys be willing to setup an amazon payments and/or google checkout account? (I know you can't use paypal)
15:31:44 <robert> it's supposed to be working, and it should be really simple to set up, but we're not really a priority customer, and they're taking their time.
15:32:10 <fnadge> is there na alternative?
15:32:35 <rtcm> fnadge: that's what I asked :-)
15:32:36 <robert> rtcm: i'm starting to think that amazon/google would be the way to go, since the guys with the plugin are turning out very unreliable
15:32:42 <fnadge> sorry for the typos, am not working on my usual keyboard
15:33:17 <rtcm> robert: coud you investigate that then?
15:33:51 <rtcm> I'd really like to have the registration up by the start of June
15:33:57 <robert> i'm going to see about amazon/google and let you know next week. hopefully, we'll be able to use it and stop worrying about the plugin
15:34:12 <rtcm> cool, thank you
15:34:43 <sesivany> don't forget one important factor: how fast and easily and cheaply you can retrieve money from that service.
15:35:24 <robert> sesivany: that's my main concern. the fees should be similar with all these services
15:37:03 <rtcm> ok, shall we move on?
15:37:11 <rtcm> we can setup the local meeting on the ML
15:37:37 <sesivany> rtcm: ok
15:37:40 <afranke> #topic Website
15:37:41 <rishi> Yes, lets move on.
15:38:09 <rtcm> no news for the website either , sorry
15:38:35 <rtcm> I'll start adding the sponsor banners as soon as I get them
15:38:46 <rtcm> and then the schedule when it's done
15:39:04 <rtcm> I'm happy to take suggestions of things to add :-)
15:39:11 <fnadge> I guess, we might discuss this during the local meeting as well. I'd like to see some more content and more people involved
15:39:37 <rtcm> agree
15:39:51 <fnadge> rtcm: if this is okay with you
15:40:54 <fnadge> cna we move on?
15:40:57 <rtcm> fnadge: yes yes
15:41:05 <afranke> We're done with the agenda items.
15:41:13 <afranke> Any other topic suggestion?
15:41:34 <sesivany> yes, I've got one.
15:41:47 <sesivany> what about swag? are we going to make some?
15:42:02 <afranke> #topic Goodies
15:42:07 <sesivany> it's something we should slowly start working on too.
15:42:09 <fnadge> good point, we talked about it yesterday
15:42:27 <rtcm> yes and tshirts
15:42:35 <rtcm> need a design!
15:42:41 <fnadge> guess, we should talk to Jakub about the logo and stuff
15:42:41 <rtcm> andreasn: ping :-)
15:42:58 <fnadge> sorry, meant andreasn
15:43:09 <sesivany> when we have a design, I can ask for quotes.
15:43:29 <rtcm> sesivany: how long do you estimate to get the tshirts?
15:43:53 <rtcm> we need to wait for people's registrations to know the sizes anyway
15:44:15 <rtcm> but we should order more anyway, so an estimate should do
15:44:15 <sesivany> rtcm: it depends on quantity, what t-shirts you choose etc. it's usually 2-3 weeks, but it could be faster.
15:44:21 <afranke> That information is not really needed for a quote.
15:44:46 <rtcm> cool
15:44:57 <sesivany> afranke: for a quote, you don't have to know an exact quantity, estimation is enough.
15:45:07 <sesivany> rough estimation
15:45:14 <afranke> Providers usually don't have a different prize for different sizes (or only a small extra for extra big sizes)
15:45:15 <sesivany> say 100 or 200.
15:45:16 <rtcm> right so how many?
15:45:39 <rishi> Given that we are expected around 250 people, and we want some extras ...
15:45:45 <sesivany> rtcm: I can ask for a quantity around 250.
15:45:49 <rtcm> 300?
15:45:52 <sesivany> or 300
15:46:00 <rishi> Or 350?
15:46:01 <sesivany> it doesn't make such a big difference.
15:46:14 <sesivany> 250-350 will be very similar unit price.
15:46:15 <rishi> Volunteers might want atleast 2 T-shirts.
15:46:38 <sesivany> so all I need now is the design :)
15:46:44 <sesivany> then we're good to go.
15:46:45 * rishi looks at andreasn
15:46:54 <rtcm> sesivany: do you need the design to ask for the quote?
15:46:54 <sesivany> btw what about lanyards?
15:47:03 <sesivany> rtcm: yes
15:47:22 <sesivany> because the print cost varies a lot based on number of colors, size etc.
15:47:31 <rtcm> ok
15:47:51 <sesivany> are lanyard going to be provided by one of the sponsors?
15:48:09 <sesivany> I can make Red Hat provide them.
15:48:46 <sesivany> I suppose we're going to have badges.
15:48:50 <sesivany> right?
15:48:54 <rishi> Right.
15:49:04 <rishi> This is a lanyard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ubuntu_USB_lanyard.jpg
15:49:14 <rishi> In case someone was wondering what we are talking about. :-)
15:49:41 <rishi> sesivany: Is the badge and the lanyard made separately?
15:49:49 <sesivany> we need at least 300 of them for badges.
15:49:53 <sesivany> rishi: yes
15:50:09 <sesivany> rishi: all you need for badges is the plastic pocket.
15:50:20 <sesivany> rishi: our facility department can help you with that.
15:50:23 <andreasn> rishi, t-shirts? Yeah, I can do those
15:50:39 <rishi> I see. I hope that we don't have a situation where the badge doesn't fit with the lanyard.
15:51:14 <sesivany> rishi: it doesn't happen, you just hook a badge on that, it's pretty universal :)
15:51:21 <rishi> fnadge: Welcome back!
15:51:25 <rishi> sesivany: Ok.
15:51:30 <fnadge> sorry, got lost for a while, where are we now
15:51:34 <fnadge> ?
15:51:36 <rishi> fnadge: We are discussing badges and lanyards with sesivany
15:51:49 <sesivany> rishi: anyway, I can tell Radovan to order 400 lanyards, we order them quite often.
15:51:51 <rishi> These things: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ubuntu_USB_lanyard.jpg
15:51:52 <fnadge> right,
15:52:00 <rishi> sesivany: Yes, that would be cool.
15:52:08 <rishi> sesivany: And also the badges.
15:52:14 <rishi> I mean the plastic pockets.
15:52:15 <fnadge> do we have a platinium sponsor?
15:52:28 <sesivany> rishi: it's not a part of some sponsor package, is it?
15:52:34 * rishi is checking
15:52:51 <fnadge> about badges and the size of the paper sheet we need to talk to Kat
15:52:52 <sesivany> because some platinum sponsors require to have branded lanyards for attendees.
15:53:31 * rishi is looking at the brochure
15:53:34 <rishi> It says:
15:53:43 <rishi> "Company logo on conference name badge front" and
15:53:56 <rishi> "Company logo inside badge beside the schedule"
15:53:59 <rishi> as the 2 options.
15:54:13 <sesivany> rishi: ok, nothing about badges
15:54:14 <rishi> Nothing about the lanyards.
15:54:26 <sesivany> but I'd rather consult it with Karen.
15:54:33 <rishi> Yeah.
15:54:54 <sesivany> but Red Hat is one of the main sponsors anyway.
15:54:56 <rishi> sesivany: Can we ask for any arbitrary logo on the lanyard?
15:55:12 <rishi> Or if Radovan orders, then it will always be the RH logo?
15:55:15 <fnadge> right, I think Red Hat should have the right to supply the lenyards with the massive involvement this year
15:55:39 <sesivany> rishi: yeah, but then you have to do a custom order. We order lanyards in our cool stuff store where they are already RH branded.
15:55:48 <rishi> fnadge: sesivany: I am just worried about other sponsors complaining that they were not offered the chance to supply them.
15:55:53 <rishi> Just playing devil's advocate.
15:56:18 <rishi> sesivany: I see. I was thinking about GNOME branded lanyards to keep them "neutral". :-)
15:56:31 <fnadge> sure, but there really is no one else massively supporting this guadec
15:57:15 <sesivany> rishi: It's up to GNOME Foundation. I'm just saying that RHT lanyards are very easy to order for me and they would be free.
15:57:16 <rtcm> until now at least, which reminds me that we haven't talked about sponsors today
15:57:27 <fnadge> we could have GNOME buttons and and maybee some kind of bags
15:57:59 <rishi> sesivany: fnadge: Sure. I am all for Red Hat branded lanyards as long as someone doesn't throw a fuss.
15:58:25 <fnadge> rtcm: Does it make sense talking about sponsors without karenesque?
15:58:30 <rishi> fnadge: Doesn't the foundation usually sell GNOME T-shirts, buttons, etc.?
15:58:36 <rishi> muelli_: muelli: ?
15:58:55 <fnadge> sure, but we could have Brno theme
15:59:20 <fnadge> and the bags are for packing all the goodies you get
15:59:23 <rishi> fnadge: Ah, GUADEC branded swag?
15:59:27 <rishi> Cool. We can do that.
15:59:34 <fnadge> yup
15:59:52 <rishi> As long as we have money. :-)
16:00:02 <fnadge> as I said before, Brno's colours are quite simple
16:00:10 <sesivany> just let me know what you need and I can arrange it if you have money for that ;-)
16:01:03 <fnadge> sesivany: we really would need karenesque to answer that
16:01:27 <rtcm> fnadge: yeah, let's postpone that topic for next week, we're already at the 1 hour mark today
16:01:28 <rishi> Lets prepare a list of things we want to ask her and email it to her.
16:01:48 <fnadge> sesivany: thanks for handling swag
16:02:27 <fnadge> rishi: let's talk later today offline or online
16:02:48 <robert> if there's nothing more to discuss, i just want to mention that we've approached both CZ.NIC and IBM CR and there's no interest in sponsoring
16:03:26 <rtcm> robert: ok, thanks for asking
16:03:30 <fnadge> robert: thanks for asking. Did they give any reason?
16:03:44 <rishi> fnadge: sure
16:03:59 <afranke> #info CZ.NIC and IBM CR are not interested in sponsoring
16:04:33 <rtcm> ok, anything else?
16:04:50 <robert> IBM didn't give any reason, and CZ.NIC said that it's outside of their sphere of interest
16:05:23 <fnadge> robert: anyway, thanks
16:05:35 <rishi> robert: Yeah, thanks anyway.
16:05:39 <fnadge> Are we done?
16:05:55 <rishi> Lets call it a day.
16:06:01 <rtcm> fnadge: you will send an email for a local meeting?
16:06:30 <afranke> #endmeeting