15:14:22 <afranke> #startmeeting
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15:14:44 <afranke> muelli, ^will that do? :)
15:14:50 <muelli> dunno -.-
15:14:59 <rtcm> plastique: so not much we can do about it, right? please forward any info to us as soon as you have it
15:15:01 * sesivany knows how to use it, it's the same meetbot as Fedora uses :)
15:15:14 <afranke> av, I started the meeting
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15:15:55 <afranke> #chair rtcm
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15:15:57 <plastique> rtcm: right, we're talking to them...
15:15:57 <sesivany> afranke: yeah, you just didn't give it a name, but it's OK I think.
15:16:11 <av> if you agree on something, you can use #agree what have you agreed goes here
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15:17:01 <karenesq> heh
15:17:19 <muelli> ah. the trailing dot.
15:17:37 <afranke> #info The Liberix-GNOME Foundation contract was signed
15:17:41 <av> muelli, works for me!
15:17:52 * karenesq waves to Deindre
15:18:09 <rtcm> karenesq: I believe you wanted to talk about invitation letters?
15:18:18 <Deindre> karenesq: sorry for late! my connection was weird.....
15:19:00 <karenesq> rtcm: well, I think we need to be clear on who is sending them, and that we use a good template
15:19:55 <rtcm> karenesq: ok, I asked the local RH person that has done this in the past and she says she will do it
15:20:12 <rtcm> I don't have the template, just the info she requested
15:20:30 <rtcm> i.e. the data she needs to put in the template
15:21:05 <karenesq> ok rtcm
15:21:16 <karenesq> do you mind sharing the template I put together with her?
15:21:23 <karenesq> the one I sent around earlier?
15:21:35 <rtcm> karenesq: sure, I don't think I have that template though
15:21:40 <karenesq> I can send it again, rtcm if you just send me her address, or copy me in on an email to her
15:21:50 <rtcm> karenesq: ok will do that
15:22:30 <karenesq> thanks rtcm
15:23:21 <rtcm> karenesq: how are we goign to get this data from each people needing a letter?
15:23:45 <rtcm> I guess ask on the conference registration form?
15:24:02 <karenesq> rtcm: if people need an invitation letter they let us know and we ask for the info
15:24:10 <karenesq> but yeah, you can build that into the registration form too!
15:24:39 <rtcm> karenesq: how many letters are we talking about?
15:25:03 <karenesq> rtcm: I have no idea. I didn't send them last year
15:25:59 <rtcm> ok, we'll see about it then
15:27:37 <rtcm> hmm, vbenes and fnadge are not around
15:28:09 <rtcm> xmlich02: hi, do you know something about local sponsors?
15:28:33 <rtcm> plastique: do happen to know anything about local sponsors?
15:28:52 <rtcm> robert said he would try to contact some
15:29:09 <sesivany> rtcm: yes, CZ NIC if I remember it correctly
15:29:33 <rtcm> right
15:29:57 <plastique> there are not many companies which are able to participate... we contacted CZ.NIC and are waiting (again)
15:30:25 <rtcm> plastique: ok, thanks
15:30:25 <plastique> a new idea - Thomas Krenn, German hardware producer
15:30:44 <plastique> but that's all... the biggest company is RH :)
15:31:30 <sesivany> has anyone contacted SUSE? I mean on the global level. They have a quite big offices in CZ.
15:32:20 <rtcm> karenesq: do you have further updates on sponsors?
15:33:01 <rtcm> I believe RH is confirmed - should I add it to the website already?
15:33:38 <karenesq> RH is confirmed, I got the signed contract from Leslie today
15:33:43 * rtcm hopes he's not going too fast with the meeting here :-)
15:33:45 <plastique> sesivany: what do you mean, when you say "SUSE"? SUSE CZ, Novell or any other company? ;-) No, we didn't... we don't have relevant contacts
15:33:53 <karenesq> Google is also confirmed
15:34:20 <karenesq> sesivany: I have contacted Scott Reeves, he's evaluating whether Suse can sponsor
15:35:00 <sesivany> plastique: Novell has nothing to do with SUSE any more. I mean someone who is responsible for such things in SUSE. It's not probably in SUSE CZ.
15:35:20 <rtcm> karenesq: soudns great, thank you!
15:35:21 <sesivany> karenesq: great, thank you for the info.
15:35:37 <karenesq> Google has $12,500 allocated for sponsorship
15:36:00 <karenesq> so with their discount that leaves a little bit for event sponsorship
15:36:01 <plastique> sesivany: I know, that's the reason why I mentioned it
15:36:16 <afranke> #info Sponsorship contract with Red Hat got signed today.
15:37:03 <afranke> karenesq, is a contract with Google signed or is it just confirmed informally?
15:38:01 <karenesq> afranke, not signed yet just confirmed informally
15:38:49 <karenesq> RH has $2000 above gold for event sponsorship
15:39:12 <afranke> #info Google confirmed they are sponsoring.
15:39:41 <rtcm> good
15:39:59 <rtcm> who can contact SUSE?
15:40:13 <karenesq> rtcm: I'm in touch with Scott about it
15:40:27 <rtcm> oh right! you said so
15:40:34 <karenesq> :D
15:41:54 <karenesq> no other news as yet, I'll do another round of follow ups next week
15:42:27 <rtcm> karenesq: ok, please tell me when and what I should add to the website for the sponsors
15:42:40 <karenesq> ok rtcm
15:42:53 <rtcm> moving on
15:44:18 <afranke> #info Karen has contact Scott Reeves at SUSE for sponsorship
15:44:18 <rtcm> sesivany: can you give us an update on the accommodation?
15:44:31 <sesivany> rtcm: yes...
15:44:32 <afranke> #topic accommodation
15:44:50 <afranke> Hmmm maybe that's not how it's meant to be used. :)
15:45:29 <sesivany> I talked to the dormitory director and she said we could collect money beforehand and pay via wire transfer.
15:46:02 <sesivany> we thought it might be easier for attendees to pay during registration with a credit card rather than pay on site with Czech cash.
15:46:30 <rtcm> right, I also think it's better, cool that they accept to do it like that
15:46:32 <sesivany> the dormitories are OK with both options.
15:47:03 <sesivany> they just need a list of accommodated people 5 days before they start arriving.
15:47:55 <rtcm> sesivany: including who wants breakfasts I suppose
15:48:05 <sesivany> then there are people who need to arrive earlier or leave later, we agreed that any additional days should be handled separately.
15:48:27 <sesivany> it means they'd probably have to pay on site for the additional days.
15:48:41 <sesivany> but I guess it's just a case of a few ppl.
15:49:12 <sesivany> rtcm: they need this info:...
15:49:23 <rtcm> actually some people might want to *arrive later* and/or *leave early* too
15:49:57 <rtcm> this makes the registration logic a bit more complex but I think we can manage
15:50:02 <sesivany> rtcm: first and last name, check-in/check-out dates, gender, roommate, if they want breakfast
15:51:19 <rtcm> ok, thanks sesivany
15:53:16 <pmkovar> are we going to keep that info in the database somewhere, or should we set up a wiki page with a simple table, perhaps?
15:53:31 <pmkovar> and ask people to start filling in their info?
15:53:51 <afranke> Does the event management plugin we installed handle that?
15:54:09 <pmkovar> (somewhere under l.g.o/GUADEC)
15:54:13 <afranke> andreas is not thereā€¦
15:55:49 <rtcm> afranke: I don't think it does
15:56:11 <pmkovar> so that leaves us with a wiki page i guess?
15:56:18 <rtcm> but I'll start looking into it in the next few days
15:56:38 <rtcm> I think we can do a simple html form and dump the info to the DB
15:56:39 <pmkovar> (i can set up that wiki page if needed)
15:57:14 <pmkovar> DB would definitely be a more robust solution...
15:57:53 <rtcm> pmkovar: yeah, we also need to keep track of payments anyway
15:58:05 <afranke> #action rtcm to look into the ability of our event management system to handle accommodation booking
15:58:28 <pmkovar> rtcm: ah, right
15:59:10 <rtcm> ok, next
16:00:20 <rtcm> keynotes!
16:00:43 <rtcm> we have 2 speakers confirmed
16:00:55 <rtcm> need 2 more
16:00:58 <karenesq> sadly sumana has turned us down
16:01:03 <karenesq> and anne gentle
16:02:06 <pmkovar> a representative of red hat czech, perhaps? :-)
16:02:40 <karenesq> we've never done that before pmkovar. is there someone who'd be a great speaker?
16:03:23 <karenesq> we had a long-ish thread about possible speakers on the list
16:03:52 <rtcm> I think going back to the list about this is the best option forn ow
16:03:56 <rtcm> *for now
16:04:04 <Deindre> who are other confirmed speakers?
16:04:24 <pmkovar> we can ask around, but sure, lets check the list first
16:05:00 <rtcm> Deindre: we can't disclose one of them just yet
16:05:08 <rtcm> actually
16:05:25 <rtcm> karenesq: how should we go about publishing the keynote speakers?
16:06:18 <rtcm> maybe we could do a small email interview with them and publish on the website once a week or so?
16:06:23 <afranke> #topic Keynotes
16:06:36 <afranke> #info 2 keynote speakers confirmed
16:06:37 <rtcm> Deindre: you've done some interviews right? would you be willing to help with that?
16:06:43 <karenesq> rtcm: on the second one we have, we need to wait until july
16:06:46 <plastique> sorry folks  - do you need my presence?
16:07:01 <karenesq> our keynote speaker wants to wait until making press
16:07:06 <afranke> #info Sumana (Wikimedia) and Anne Gentle declined keynote invitation.
16:07:21 <karenesq> but we have one we can start to publicize
16:07:28 <rtcm> plastique: you are free to leave at any time, thanks for participating!
16:07:44 <karenesq> thank you plastique!
16:08:12 <Deindre> rtcm: I'm here to help, if I can :)
16:08:24 <plastique> rtcm: karenesq thank you, bye
16:08:54 <rtcm> Deindre: cool :-)
16:09:54 <rtcm> is everyone ok with that plan? publishing a small interview with each speakre announcement?
16:10:04 <rtcm> need to come up with a schedule
16:10:12 <Deindre> rtcm: very nice idea :) I like it!
16:10:29 <rtcm> maybe we should only start announcing in June
16:11:45 <rtcm> for now I'll request more branstorming in the list
16:11:58 <karenesq> awesome
16:12:48 <rtcm> what's left?
16:13:01 <rtcm> ebassi: still not there I suppose?
16:14:43 <rtcm> vuntz: hi, are you?
16:14:53 <afranke> #action rtcm will ask the list for further discussion about keynote speakers
16:14:54 <karenesq> rtcm: the website still doesn't look like a conference website to me :/
16:15:05 * rtcm forgets who is on the papers committee
16:15:36 <karenesq> but maybe when we start putting sponsors up...
16:15:47 <afranke> rtcm, I was told https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/CommitteeMembers is up to date.
16:15:51 <karenesq> rtcm: like we should have the papers committee listed on the website :)
16:17:22 <pmkovar> https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/CommitteeMembers seems to have been recently updated...
16:18:12 <rtcm> karenesq: I think we can, but I don't remember other guadec websites having that
16:18:36 <karenesq> rtcm: it's not urgent
16:18:48 <karenesq> really I'd like to have the date much bigger, and have some sponsors added
16:18:55 <karenesq> and maybe an indication that registration is coming soon
16:19:39 <rtcm> yes, we'll start adding that soon
16:21:23 <rtcm> ok ,seem we're not going to have an update from the papers committee this meeting
16:21:31 <rtcm> any other topics people want to talk about?
16:24:46 <karenesq> thanks rtcm!
16:25:16 <pmkovar> rtcm: thanks
16:25:31 <rtcm> so that's it for today's meeting
16:25:34 <afranke> #endmeeting