16:06:47 <aday> #startmeeting
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16:07:31 <aday> i added a few reoccurring agenda items that i think would be good to cover each meeting
16:07:42 <oliverp> aday: great
16:07:55 <aday> before we start - are there any other items we should add there, or other agenda items that we're missing
16:07:56 <aday> ?
16:08:14 <oliverp> I think we are fine
16:09:01 <aday> ok
16:09:20 <aday> #topic action items from last meeting
16:09:45 <aday> notes are here, i think - https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/etm-2014-06-25
16:09:46 <oliverp> something happened to notes from last meeting, sorry
16:10:24 <oliverp> right
16:10:35 <aday> seems like we are covering most of those topics this time round anyway
16:10:39 <oliverp> yes
16:10:53 <aday> but i would suggest adding notes to the wiki rather than leaving them in a pad
16:11:04 <oliverp> aday: ok
16:11:21 <aday> #agreed no follow up items this week
16:11:43 <aday> #topic review upcoming events
16:11:58 <oliverp> interesting topic
16:12:36 <aday> #info Linuxcon Europe was mentioned on the mailing list - https://mail.gnome.org/archives/engagement-list/2014-July/msg00004.html
16:13:15 <oliverp> hm, I think the list is correct, yes true I hope muelli talk will be accepted
16:13:21 <aday> #info Linuxcon Europe CFP closes on July 13
16:13:51 <oliverp> I would maybe want to add FSCONS if some are interested in submit a talk
16:14:16 <oliverp> FSCONS =the free software conference in Gothenburg
16:14:24 <oliverp> https://fscons.org/2014/
16:14:31 <aday> #info Flock starts on 6 August in Prague. the CFP has already closed - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flock
16:14:57 <oliverp> aday: hm ok
16:15:26 <aday> #FSCONS starts 31 October in Gothenburg. the CFP has already closed - https://fscons.org/2014/cfp/
16:15:31 <aday> #info FSCONS starts 31 October in Gothenburg. the CFP has already closed - https://fscons.org/2014/cfp/
16:15:41 <oliverp> aday: its a soft deadline
16:16:05 <aday> oliverp, so they might still take talks?
16:16:22 <andreasn> ooh, the registration works again now!
16:16:36 <oliverp> aday: yes (I'm on the program committe ) :)
16:16:51 <aday> ah!
16:17:03 <oliverp> I was planning to invite BastianIlsø
16:17:10 <aday> #info there is still some scope to submit talks for FSCONS
16:17:21 <oliverp> aday: +1
16:18:05 <aday> any other conferences?
16:18:43 <oliverp> http://seagl.org/
16:19:09 <fabiana> do we have anyone attending http://opensourcebridge.org/?
16:19:36 <oliverp> fabiana: its already been ;)
16:19:50 <fabiana> god, I could swear I read July
16:20:00 <fabiana> go home, fabiana, you're drunk
16:20:10 <oliverp> no stay ;)
16:20:33 <fabiana> :)
16:20:36 <oliverp> http://www.oscon.com/oscon2014 is in July
16:20:45 <aday> #info SeaGL starts 24 October in Seattle. CFP closes July 27 - http://seagl.org/
16:22:36 <oliverp> should we move on?
16:22:46 <aday> there's debconf in august
16:22:53 <aday> can't work out if the cfp is still open
16:22:56 <oliverp> aday: its on the page event page
16:23:16 <oliverp> https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/DebConf14
16:23:45 <oliverp> I think the CFP is closed now
16:24:13 <oliverp> but its also a soft deadline I think
16:24:29 <aday> #info DebConf starts August 23 in Portland. The CFP is closed (might be a soft deadline) - http://debconf14.debconf.org/
16:25:41 <oliverp> next agenda item?
16:26:10 <aday> i think we should discuss what to do with this information
16:26:23 <oliverp> hm
16:26:40 <aday> would someone like to take responsibility for mailing engagement and foundation lists with details of upcoming conferences?
16:26:45 <muelli> oh. hai.
16:26:51 <oliverp> I can do that
16:27:15 <aday> oliverp, excellent! thanks
16:27:22 <oliverp> aday: :)
16:27:23 <aday> hey muelli :)
16:27:34 <oliverp> hi muelli
16:27:47 <aday> #action oliverp to mail engagement and foundation lists with upcoming conference details
16:27:57 <aday> next item
16:28:08 <aday> #topic publicity for gnome.asia 2014
16:28:26 <aday> oliverp, want to explain the situation?
16:28:55 <oliverp> right so the press/release report is finally ready (about a month after the conference ).
16:29:09 <oliverp> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yF7-pCdE_V91AMS0mU6IbA8L_vh0kVU60W_eNNafH04/edit
16:29:28 <oliverp> and I guess we are not sure what to do with it
16:29:49 <muelli> if it's good enough we can put it up w.g.o. Although it's a tiny bit too late.
16:29:57 <aday> oliverp, can you try using the info command for meetbot?
16:30:06 <oliverp> aday: yes
16:30:32 <oliverp> #info press/release report from asia summit 2014 is finally ready
16:31:11 <oliverp> any suggestions about this?
16:31:47 <aday> i think it will be really good for the annual report
16:32:03 <aday> not sure about posting an official news item. seems a bit old for that
16:32:13 <oliverp> aday: ok I understand
16:32:44 <aday> it could be a nice news item if it was written up as more of a retrospective
16:32:44 <oliverp> what do you think muelli?
16:32:47 <muelli> indeed. The AR 2014 sounds like a good plan. HAven't checked whether the current version is suitable for publication in the AR though. But it should be tweakable.
16:33:41 <oliverp> so guess we agree on that
16:33:42 <muelli> yeah, let's save that for next year's report. We wouldn't achieve much by posting a news item. We might make some sponsors happy, but maybe we can find another way.
16:34:34 <aday> #action use the gnome.asia press release for the next annual report
16:35:07 <oliverp> we also need to email that decision to the local asia summit team
16:35:13 <aday> #action spend some time thinking about how to make this into a viable news post
16:35:38 <aday> next topic?
16:36:13 <oliverp> aday: yes
16:36:24 <aday> #topic annual report next steps
16:36:51 <oliverp> We are making progress
16:37:02 <andreasn> I'm trying to finish things up before I leave tomorrow
16:37:07 <andreasn> but omg it takes a lot of work
16:37:15 <oliverp> andreasn: great, thanks
16:37:26 <andreasn> I fucking hate putting together this shit
16:37:29 <aday> #info andreas is working on finishing the report
16:37:30 <andreasn> :)
16:37:43 <aday> andreasn, anything you need help with?
16:37:53 <oliverp> he is working on finishing the design I think
16:38:16 <andreasn> aday: I have one article that I took on writing about the releases, but it's a train wreck
16:38:17 <oliverp> aday: help with proofreading is still very much wanted
16:38:32 <aday> #info help with proofreading is needed
16:38:56 <aday> andreasn, no promises, but i can try and take a look
16:39:02 <andreasn> https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/AnnualReport/AnnualReport2014/Releases
16:39:20 <andreasn> but right now I'm working on fitting the design
16:39:36 <andreasn> it's halfway done, will publish a draft in, say 2 hours
16:39:39 <hashem> oliverp, andreasn which articles need proofreading the most?
16:39:43 <aday> andreasn, this is a summary of 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12?
16:40:10 <oliverp> andreasn: the design are important, focus on that
16:40:18 <muelli> I will hopefully review an article. I much prefer reading a typeset text, though. But I guess it's not feasible for now.
16:40:29 <oliverp> hashem: well its hard to say I would all
16:40:45 <oliverp> *I would say all
16:40:53 <andreasn> aday: yes. Since 3.12 was so nice, it felt good to add it in here too. I mean, 3.12 is our latest release, so weird to not feature that
16:41:24 <andreasn> aday: and then we can feature it again next year too and tell the overarching story using that as a starting point
16:41:41 <aday> #info andreas could do with a hand with his article about the 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12 releases - https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/AnnualReport/AnnualReport2014/Releases
16:41:48 <oliverp> we also have the deadline for karen's letter this week, not sure how that is going
16:41:49 <andreasn> muelli: you did good reviews last year, I'll link you the pdf as soon as I have something
16:42:01 <muelli> lovely.
16:42:06 <oliverp> #info we also have the deadline for karen's letter this week, not sure how that is going
16:42:23 <andreasn> uh, yeah, Karen's text. I'm leaving tomorrow, so, well...
16:42:27 <aday> oliverp, can we assign an action item for someone to follow that up?
16:42:33 <andreasn> I guess someone else can just paste that into the scribus file?
16:42:51 <oliverp> andreasn: how long will you be gone?
16:43:05 <andreasn> I'll be back on the 18th
16:43:09 <oliverp> I don't think a week for so matter
16:43:26 <andreasn> it needs time to get printed too
16:43:30 <oliverp> andreasn: so it would be done in time for GUADEC?
16:43:41 <andreasn> I really, really hope so
16:43:51 <oliverp> I guess that is what is important
16:43:53 <andreasn> like really, really
16:44:02 <aday> #info goal is to have the annual report printed for guadec
16:44:13 <aday> andreasn, what's the lead time for printing?
16:44:25 <andreasn> like a week or so if you're lucky
16:44:38 <aday> #info printing takes at least a week
16:44:54 <aday> so we need to be done by the end of this week, really
16:45:04 <aday> and have it sent off
16:45:16 <muelli> hm.
16:45:24 <muelli> andreasn: what do you use for setting the text?
16:45:26 <oliverp> does it really take a week to print it?
16:45:33 <andreasn> muelli: scribus
16:45:45 <muelli> does anybody else have scribus skills?
16:46:04 <andreasn> oliverp: depends on where you do it. The printing house I usually use let you wait a week, but depends on how they print it
16:46:19 <andreasn> I'll chekc with afranke if there is a on-demand place close to the university
16:46:34 <oliverp> andreasn: great!
16:46:34 <afranke> Hmmm.
16:46:44 <muelli> I'd rather have it a week earlier than later ;-) We might want to have a few copies for the adboard meeting.
16:46:47 <aday> muelli, very basic and rusty, but i could give it a shot if necessary
16:46:59 <muelli> cool aday.
16:47:17 <aday> muelli, i'm sure you could get a smaller run done on short notice
16:47:18 <afranke> oliverp, andreasn, we should be able to find one.
16:47:22 <muelli> hm, maybe andreasn should concentrate more on the scribus stuff and someone else should investigate printing facilities.
16:47:36 <andreasn> that would be awesome
16:47:46 <aday> muelli, don't want to put anything else on the guadec team plate
16:47:55 <muelli> aight
16:48:44 <aday> seems like the important thing is to get the copy finished and get the layout done
16:48:58 <oliverp> aday: +1
16:49:00 <aday> i can help with the releases piece
16:49:01 <muelli> k. it's only the four of us here in this meeting, it seems. aday, oliverp, do you volunteer for investigating how to get stuff printed in Strasbourg? Otherwise I'll try to cram it in
16:49:29 <aday> #action aday to help with the releases article
16:49:36 <oliverp> muelli: would prefer not
16:49:49 <muelli> fair enough. nothing to be ashamed of
16:50:09 <oliverp> investigating how to print in Strasbourg
16:50:19 <aday> i'd prefer not to commit. let's see how things work out though
16:50:34 <aday> #action muelli, aday, andreas to work out printing between them
16:50:41 <muelli> k. I will try to get it done. But my commitment is not very high :-|
16:50:51 <oliverp> bu I guess we should send a reminder to karen about the letter
16:50:56 <aday> #action final copy of the report needs to be completed by the end of this week / beginning of next
16:50:56 <oliverp> *but
16:51:08 <oliverp> I can do that
16:51:08 <aday> oliverp, maybe she'll see this
16:51:17 <aday> #action oliverp to chase karen about the letter
16:51:29 <oliverp> aday: yes maybe, just need to confirm
16:51:38 <aday> ok, next topic
16:51:42 <aday> #topic guadec marketing
16:51:52 <aday> #info aday wrote a news piece this week
16:52:05 <aday> #info Deindre agreed to interview keynote speakers
16:52:13 <aday> #action aday to follow up with Deindre
16:52:33 <aday> #info we are still looking for people to help write news stories
16:52:52 <aday> #info someone could interview the local organisers, possibly
16:53:16 <muelli> I think oliverp is good at that :-)
16:53:24 <aday> #topic we need ideas for stories and/or social media posts
16:53:37 <oliverp> muelli: thanks but I'm not involved with GUADEC marketing
16:53:37 <aday> i was wondering about doing a photo gallery from previous guadecs
16:53:55 <aday> need to mine flickr for that
16:54:11 <muelli> oliverp: I meant organising news articles with interviews of people
16:55:02 <oliverp> muelli: possibly, but I think I will be busy with somethings around that time and therefore don
16:55:07 <aday> does anyone have other ideas for things we should be doing?
16:55:21 <oliverp> don't want to commit myself, sorry.
16:56:06 <muelli> we could try to get a video shot. I think it's a good filler for a news article.
16:56:39 <aday> muelli, what kind of video?
16:57:47 <muelli> similar to those we had before and much similar to the ones from GNOME.Asia Summit. Like tiny interviews with people, some impressinos from the conference.
16:58:12 <aday> oh, during the conference? yeah
16:58:45 <aday> i suspect that would require some organisation on the ground
16:58:55 <muelli> but
16:59:10 <aday> #idea create a documentary video during the conference
16:59:51 <aday> #action draw up a marketing plan for the conference days
17:00:56 <aday> muelli, but?
17:01:22 <muelli> sorry. was interrupted -.-
17:01:31 <muelli> we'd need skilled people and it's probably a lot of work
17:01:44 <aday> right
17:02:21 <aday> we're at the one hour mark. any other comments on this topic?
17:02:35 <aday> oliverp, do you still want to talk about debconf?
17:02:53 <oliverp> aday: don't think we need no
17:03:27 <oliverp> I guess we are finished, I think it was a great meeting
17:03:39 <aday> #endmeeting