14:03:59 <laurence> #startmeeting buildstream monthly team meeting
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14:04:13 <laurence> OK, previous actions:
14:04:17 <laurence> * act on proposing a 'build tooling' dev room at FOSDEM with various buildtooling upstreams
14:04:23 <laurence> <laurence> tristan and I discussed on the phone last week, this is clearly a good idea but needs some committment in terms of supporting it happen
14:04:23 <laurence> <laurence> from a commercial viewpoint
14:04:23 <laurence> <laurence> i'm told things are moving in the background but i think it's a carry forward for now
14:04:23 <laurence> <laurence> oh, no, i forgot to start the meeting...sorry
14:04:59 <laurence> #action continue to discuss/try to oragnise a proposal for a 'build tooling' dev room at FOSDEM with various buildtooling upstreams
14:05:03 <laurence> alright, next one was:
14:05:13 <laurence> * abderrahim to send a post to the ML with what he'd like 1.4 to be
14:05:31 <laurence> this was done....i was holiday at the time and can't recall the outcome....
14:05:37 <tristan> He did that and we discussed it
14:06:30 <laurence> Right, so no action needed...everything related to 1.4 is in hand?
14:06:40 <tristan> Basically, we intend to roll one to fix pressing issues, but avoid backporting too much - and with a reinforced statement that this does not by any means impose any restrictions on stability of 2.x development
14:07:19 <tristan> Link: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/buildstream-list/2019-May/msg00031.html
14:07:33 <laurence> OK
14:07:33 <tristan> (so it's traceable in meeting notes at least)
14:08:03 <laurence> #agreed 1.4 will happen, to fix pressing issues, but avoid backporting too much - and with a reinforced statement that this does not by any means impose any restrictions on stability of 2.x development
14:08:11 <laurence> #linl https://mail.gnome.org/archives/buildstream-list/2019-May/msg00031.html
14:08:17 <laurence> alright, moving on.....
14:08:23 <laurence> I raised a point about infrastructure
14:09:18 <laurence> we have this page on the wiki - https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/BuildStream/Infrastructure
14:09:26 <laurence> which captures the machines we use
14:09:38 <laurence> valentind and jjardon have the credentials stored privately
14:09:56 <laurence> but i thought it'd be good to get another with some infrastructure background to assist
14:10:06 <laurence> Lachlan has volunteered, but is not around today to say so
14:10:11 <laurence> he's a bit ill atm, sadly
14:10:19 <laurence> so yeah, that was all
14:10:37 <laurence> and I raised a point that we should bring marge bot under the control of BuildStream and not Codethink Ops
14:10:43 <laurence> which Lachlan also said he'd so
14:10:54 <laurence> any point to raise about that before i summarise?
14:11:20 <valentind> Only the sleds have "credentials".
14:11:29 <valentind> The rest is using ssh public keys.
14:12:18 <laurence> ok, good.
14:12:20 <tristan> That qualifies in a way anyway... agree it's good to have more trusted folks who can put out infra fires
14:12:45 <laurence> #agreed Lachlan has offered to help with infrastructure to reduce the single point of failure on Valentin and help us put out fires
14:13:19 <laurence> #action lachlan to announce to the ML, and also announce marge-bot being moved into the project's own management, once we've done that
14:13:24 <laurence> OK, moving on.....
14:13:28 <laurence> Any other business?
14:14:06 <tristan> I considered raising something yesterday but it escapes me, I've been burried in this VM today :-/
14:14:18 <tristan> I think that we could do a cleanup of our gitlab
14:14:46 <tristan> And reduce it to what we used to have, things are a bit unclear, we've got a ton of labels we dont use, we don't classify by severity anymore
14:15:06 <tristan> and we could do with straightening that out in our website or contributing guide
14:15:35 <laurence> yeah, there's a also a lot of dead repos
14:15:40 <tristan> I also considered re-raising our committer policy as it's not been moving forward
14:15:42 <tristan> But
14:15:55 <tristan> I think that we're really doing great right now with reviews
14:16:09 <tristan> So I don't really feel there is a need to straighten anything out on that front
14:16:52 <tristan> Oh there is another thing
14:16:54 <tristan> related
14:16:59 <laurence> I think there was some consensus on the committer policy
14:17:09 <laurence> so maybe just a patch to ensure that the docs reflect reality?
14:17:14 <laurence> docs and policy
14:17:21 <laurence> I can take that action
14:17:42 <laurence> #action laurence to ensure the committer policy reflects the reality of the situation
14:17:43 <tristan> I mean, this wont get solved... but related to gitlab policy and general structure... is that developers in general are *still* not getting project wide notifications
14:18:01 <tristan> It may be worth re-raising and re-punting this until we finally find a solution
14:18:22 <tristan> For instance... we are noticing that the nightly CI of fdsdk tends to break
14:18:51 <tristan> And nobody jumps on fixing it... but if we observe breakage and file an issue and ping someone... then it gets magically fixed
14:19:13 <tristan> So my observation is that: People really *do* care about things which break... they just dont get told that things break :)
14:19:38 <tristan> I suspect it is because people dont get the project-wide notifications of all events at a high level
14:20:12 <tristan> (again: This wont get solved today... and I've brought it up many times before... just worth it I think to keep bringing it up)
14:20:56 <laurence> yeah, see what you mean
14:21:14 <laurence> so for tidying gitlab, I'll also take an action, i should have some time later this week
14:21:30 <laurence> #action laurence to also have a look at tidying up old gitlab labels and anything else that is out of date
14:22:15 <laurence> #agreed project wide notifications still not working properly with gitlab - eg, overnight CI failures are only acted on once an issue is raised and we ping someone...
14:23:39 <tristan> laurence, I would like to participate in that (gitlab labels), if you'd like to brainstorm together, I'd be happy to spend some time with you
14:23:55 <tristan> my aim is to make it virtually self sustaining and maintenance free
14:24:20 <laurence> tristan, sure, certainly it's saturated right now, needs trimming back
14:24:53 <laurence> we had a lengthy chat about it a while back too, will read over the ML posts
14:24:55 <tristan> of course we do have policy which allows for closing of stale issues already in the policy somewhere, that we should keep
14:25:06 <tristan> but perhaps not guarantee will happen
14:25:14 <tristan> ok
14:25:44 <laurence> alright, I'll make a note, maybe we can put time in later this week or next, have a chat on public irc
14:26:10 <laurence> alright.....any final points?
14:26:14 <laurence> otherwise...
14:26:30 <laurence> signing off in 5
14:26:33 <laurence> 4
14:26:34 <laurence> 3
14:26:35 <laurence> 2
14:26:37 <laurence> 1
14:26:50 <laurence> end of transmission
14:26:52 <laurence> thank all
14:26:54 <laurence> thanks *
14:26:55 <tristan> Thanks laurence !
14:28:30 <valentind> Thanks laurence.
14:29:46 <laurence> np both
14:39:07 <laurence> #endmeeting