14:02:51 <laurence> #startmeeting buildstream monthly irc team meeting april 2019
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14:02:55 <laurence> alright
14:02:56 <laurence> who's here
14:02:59 <laurence> please say hullo
14:03:02 <tristan> o/
14:03:03 <tpollard> hullo
14:03:10 <juergbi> o/
14:03:19 <SotK> o/
14:03:22 <valentind> hullo
14:04:00 <laurence> alrighty, i suggest we get going
14:04:08 <jennis> o/
14:04:19 <laurence> so there was only one action last time, and no new additions to the agenda in advance
14:04:32 <laurence> so let's do the action then i'll give a chance for people to raise any points
14:04:40 <laurence> the action may inspire some discussion itself
14:04:54 <laurence> it's about BuildStream gathering schedule
14:05:00 <laurence> I have done little to nothing on this
14:05:17 <laurence> expect for volunteering to help out with organisation
14:05:31 <laurence> I think we want a workshop at GUADEC
14:05:42 <laurence> and that should be focused on users and 'spreading the word'
14:05:54 <laurence> more than being a dev meeting, as it was in Spain in July 2018
14:06:02 <tristan> Me neither, there has been some meetings where we discussed it but I think the ideal time for a public "BuildStream" thing is going to be a long way away, around FOSDEM
14:06:18 <tristan> For GUADEC, I think we are going to do a GNOME OS centric thing
14:06:40 <tristan> Which of course involves BuildStream a lot
14:06:44 <laurence> I don't know what that is, do you have a link handy, or a quick explanation?
14:07:04 <tristan> but I don't expect the majority of BuildStream developers to be present at GUADEC, maybe I'm wrong
14:07:24 <tristan> Sure I can fetch one... its been a long going initiative that pops up every few years
14:08:26 <tristan> here is some old material: https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeOS
14:08:50 <tristan> laurence, ok so for a brief summary, GNOME is basically a desktop environment and forever we've been relying on distros to integrate us in some way
14:09:04 <tristan> But there is a desire to play a stronger role in defining what that integration is
14:09:12 <tristan> GNOME Continuous was a big part of that
14:09:18 <laurence> alright, a holistic approach, nice
14:09:31 <tristan> it let us create bootable images so that we can test what the experience is like in advance of releases
14:09:42 <tristan> So GNOME Continuous has basically been dead for some years
14:10:02 <laurence> and BuildStream / Freedesktop SDK can get those bootable images
14:10:08 <tristan> And BuildStream promises to fix that (one of our original mission statement to GNOME which hasnt been delivered but is slowly but surely coming along)
14:10:18 <laurence> Understood.
14:10:29 <tristan> I am currently working on booting a GNOME system from scratch, based on freedesktop-sdk indeed
14:10:52 <tristan> So we should have that by GUADEC, and it should bring together a lot of interested parties in GNOME to basically discuss things we want to do with that
14:11:48 <tristan> Status: Currently have a VM booting but have to (re)figure out the new/modern way to integrate pam/systemd/accountservice etc so that mutter has the right session to boot
14:12:19 <tristan> and then do the higher level integration details (input methods, gnome-initial-setup, ensure geolocation and video/audio works well, etc)
14:12:46 <tristan> So anyway that's a bit off topic, I think the big thing jjardon and I will be involved with is a BoF about GNOME OS
14:12:52 <laurence> Alright.
14:12:58 <tristan> We'll try to make noise in advance, reserve a day, get people involved
14:13:02 <laurence> Want any help pushing that or do you have it in hand?
14:13:14 <tristan> I think we have it in hand, it's a ways off
14:13:37 <tristan> I'll want to make a demo, blog about it, and when the BoF schedule opens, we'll reserve a day
14:14:22 <laurence> #info BuildStream Gathering schedule: GUADEC BoF, centred around GNOME OS
14:15:03 <laurence> #info BuildStream Gathering Schedule: Probably after that, some sort of BuildStream specific public event, probably around FOSDEM 2020
14:15:14 <tristan> For a BuildStream "gathering" the way we've had before, I don't know what's really on the menu - maybe we should keep our eyes on the next bazel thing too
14:15:31 <tristan> might makes sense to collocate a BuildStream gathering with a bazel gathering
14:15:45 <laurence> yeah, we've talked about a new Devroom
14:15:54 <laurence> A 'build tool / remote execution' devroom
14:16:05 <laurence> but it was just chat over a beer, iirc
14:16:14 <tristan> Right, for FOSDEM, I haven't done my homework on that
14:16:31 <tristan> In my court I have to reach out to meson developers
14:16:50 <laurence> nor me, expect seeing how much work Luc Verhaegen puts into the graphics devroom
14:16:54 <tristan> Good to raise this in one of our meetings
14:17:11 <tristan> Shall we take action points on this ? So we can feel guilty for not doing it next month ?
14:17:11 <tristan> hehe
14:17:17 <laurence> haha, sure
14:17:17 * tristan thinks it's a good motivator
14:17:33 <laurence> so yo want to reach out to the Meson guys?
14:17:37 <laurence> anyone else?
14:17:45 <tristan> Yes sure I will take that action
14:18:03 <laurence> I think I can certainly breach the topic with various people who are involved with Bazel
14:18:08 <tristan> I might end up doing it in email form as well as casually on IRC
14:18:19 <tristan> In which case I'll share the link and we can reuse/build on that text
14:19:17 <tristan> I think it might be good to send out formal invitations to participate in a potential devroom to various related project mailing lists
14:19:34 <laurence> #action wrt a potential FOSDEM devroom based on 'build tooling', tristan and laurence to start to discuss with other projects in this space
14:20:03 <laurence> #action we can send out formal invitations to participate in a potential devroom to various related project mailing lists - start with meson, maybe bazel too
14:21:58 <laurence> OK, so......that's a little clearer at least
14:22:04 <laurence> any other points to raise?
14:23:00 <tristan> cs-shadow, aevri ... would you like to solve this plugins debate with a good old fashioned wet tshirt contest, in the finest of FOSS traditions ?
14:23:20 <tristan> Mostly a joke, while we have issues floating around, I think they are well in hand on the mailing list
14:24:47 <laurence> in other news, i have been completely snubbed when asking if we could disable notifications for WIP MRs
14:24:48 <laurence> https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/50020#note_161330548
14:25:30 <laurence> ah well, maybe better luck to write the patch
14:25:39 <tristan> The reply by Annabel Dunstone Gray ?
14:25:51 <tristan> haven't been closely following :-S
14:26:04 <laurence> ah, didn't mean to link that exact reply, just the thread
14:26:16 <tristan> The thing is it must be a bit annoying to them, they already have this complicated UI for selecting the notification types you want to receive
14:26:24 <tristan> But it's just not a good fit for filtering on WIP
14:26:30 <laurence> oh yeah, they have a huuge backlog as well
14:26:38 <laurence> i don't blame them
14:26:52 * tristan met some gitlab folks in FOSSASIA, and blamed them for EVERYTHING !
14:26:53 <tristan> hehe
14:27:01 <laurence> :)
14:27:11 <laurence> OK everyone, I'm going to close this meeting down....unless there's any last minute points...
14:27:43 <laurence> ending in 5
14:27:45 <laurence> 4
14:27:47 <laurence> 3
14:27:49 <laurence> 2
14:27:51 <laurence> 1
14:27:53 <laurence> fin
14:27:58 <laurence> thank you and goodnight
14:28:04 <valentind> Thank you laurence.
14:28:09 <laurence> #endmeeting