14:01:04 <laurence> #startmeeting
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14:01:39 <laurence> Hi all, please announce your presence
14:01:44 <jennis> o/
14:01:59 <valentind> o/
14:02:02 <tristan> o/
14:03:13 <laurence> looks like a low turnout
14:03:30 <tristan> yeah I was hoping for more
14:03:40 <laurence> the 4 people present will be f2f together in London at the end of January - do we want to postpone until then?
14:03:55 <valentind> No objection.
14:04:07 <tristan> Are we really only the 4 ? Well okay
14:04:13 <laurence> (at the very least I can rattle through any outstanding actions)
14:04:23 <jennis> Suits me
14:04:27 <valentind> OK
14:05:15 <laurence> actions were: laurence create a task to investigate how to add info to news and feature page (website) at the same time
14:05:32 <laurence> I did that, but should do some more on it and propose an actual solution of some kind
14:05:36 <laurence> Will carry forward
14:06:06 <laurence> Next one: Agustin to create a schedule for this meeting in 2019 keeping date and time if agreed
14:06:07 <laurence> done
14:06:29 <laurence> last one
14:06:37 <laurence> laurence to send a summary mail to the list about the performance benchmarks
14:07:06 <laurence> I don't remember this, I remember I had to send a summary mail about plugins, which i did
14:07:28 <laurence> Oh, maybe this was to get benchmarks into the release process, as a first class citizen
14:07:38 <laurence> We should cover that when we discuss the release strategy anyway
14:07:48 <laurence> And that's the end of those
14:08:15 <jennis> thanks laurence
14:08:17 <laurence> It's sad that we are only four people.
14:08:30 <laurence> Maybe we can discuss at the Gathering how to make this meeting more useful.
14:08:35 <jennis> +1
14:08:59 <tristan> yeah it doesnt make sense for us to discuss if we're only few people, the point is to build consensus
14:09:53 <tristan> anyway it's the first meeting of the year, we're just ramping up I guess :)
14:09:59 <laurence> #agreed four people is too few to discuss things and reach consensus - all agenda points for this meeting to be deferred to the BuildStream Gathering in London in late January 2019
14:10:38 <laurence> #action laurence and tristan to ensure we discuss at the gathering how we can get more folks attending this meeting
14:11:16 <laurence> #action discuss benchmarking as part of the release process and treated as a first class citizen at the Gathering
14:11:21 <laurence> and we are done
14:11:32 <laurence> thanks to those who showed up, anyway
14:11:50 <laurence> Any other comments?
14:11:54 <laurence> If not I'll end the meeting
14:12:04 <tristan> I'm good
14:12:45 <valentind> Nothing more either.
14:13:01 <laurence> ok, ending
14:13:04 <laurence> #endmeeting