15:06:48 <infapi00> #startmeeting
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15:06:54 <infapi00> #topic Progress towards 3.16
15:07:47 * infapi00 is writing about this topic, but is searching for a link
15:08:47 <infapi00> well, I will search it later
15:08:52 <magpie> what link are you searching for?
15:09:02 <infapi00> #info This week it was the release of GNOME 3.15.90
15:09:21 <infapi00> #info it was somewhat late because they were waiting for several changes on gnome-shell
15:09:36 <infapi00> #info so they wanted them into the release before the freezes
15:10:27 <infapi00> #info taking into account that this kind of UI revamps usually bring regressions, it would be good to check it
15:10:43 * joanie mutters an "uh oh"
15:10:52 <joanie> but thanks for the heads up!
15:11:18 <infapi00> #info additionally, the gdm fix was still not reviewed, not sure if has any kind of relation with this UI changes
15:11:41 <infapi00> #info gdm fix == patch that I attached to bug 729603
15:11:52 <Services> 04Bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=729603 normal, Normal, ---, gnome-shell-maint, UNCONFIRMED , Regression: GDM user list buttons no longer have accessible labels
15:12:26 <infapi00> ok, I found the link
15:12:50 <infapi00> #info fwiw, with this release (3.15.90), it officially starts the freezes
15:12:53 <infapi00> https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointFifteen#Schedule
15:13:05 <jjmarin> not to mention the new notification/date/alarm area
15:13:11 <infapi00> #info so since now, UI and API/ABI freeze
15:13:23 <infapi00> jjmarin, well, my "UI revamp" was abstract
15:13:36 <jjmarin> ok :-)
15:13:44 <infapi00> I mean that the notification/date/alarm area is included on that UI revamp
15:13:46 <infapi00> hopefully
15:14:09 <infapi00> there are no regression in the previously existing UI of gnome-shell
15:14:16 <infapi00> and just bugs on that new part
15:14:28 <joanie> infapi00: have you had time to test it?
15:14:31 <infapi00> so, resuming my point
15:14:57 <infapi00> #info next freeze is on Mon 02 (so next monday) with the release 3.15.91
15:15:06 <infapi00> #info at that moment, string freeze starts
15:15:11 <infapi00> so done
15:15:20 <infapi00> joanie, not sure
15:15:23 <infapi00> I will try
15:15:26 <infapi00> but as is a will try
15:15:44 <infapi00> probably it would be good to not assign this action item to just one person
15:15:54 <jjmarin> I did a quick check and it was good for me
15:15:55 <joanie> ah, I misread
15:15:59 <infapi00> at least the part of checking
15:16:08 <joanie> the hopefully goes with what follows
15:16:15 <joanie> so never mind :)
15:16:16 <infapi00> jjmarin, ah, so you already checked that new notification/date/alarm area?
15:16:40 <jjmarin> yes, just a little bit, I think I can spend some more time
15:16:41 <infapi00> joanie, that hopefully was just me answering jjmarin
15:16:56 <infapi00> jjmarin, ok, so Im voluntering you too ;)
15:17:07 <joanie> I'll add it to my list as well
15:17:13 <jjmarin> ok :-)
15:17:26 <joanie> the generic document support stuff is going slower than I'd like
15:17:34 <infapi00> #action jjmarin and infapi00 will try to check if the UI changes on gnome-shell include any regression, or any bug on the new part, creating bugs if needed
15:17:36 <joanie> so I may just merge in the safe changes and branch
15:17:43 <infapi00> #info joanie will try too
15:17:59 <infapi00> ok, so that's all from my part, and thanks for the volunteering
15:18:04 <infapi00> so next one on this topic?
15:18:10 <joanie> thank you for the ping
15:18:19 <joanie> not from me as I'm still hacking away
15:18:23 <joanie> nothing new to report
15:18:33 <joanie> s/ping/heads-up re the new UI/
15:18:58 <mgorse> #info mgorse got the patch committed to add appropriate accessible names to evolution status column cells
15:19:01 <mgorse> done
15:19:13 <joanie> yay mgorse
15:19:20 <joanie> I'll add that to my short list as well
15:19:38 <joanie> I'd love to announce evo a11y as a 3.16 "feature"
15:19:41 <joanie> (note the finger quotes)
15:19:54 <mgorse> (in general I've been bogged down with random day job stuff)
15:20:05 <joanie> mgorse: I understand
15:20:11 <mgorse> I think there's still a bug where some class doesn't implement AtkComponent and should, so orca gets confused w/flat review and throws a traceback
15:20:13 <joanie> and really, really appreciate what you've done
15:20:19 <mgorse> I've been meaning to file a bug; had a patch at one point
15:20:33 <joanie> mgorse: if you get me a traceback, I'll take a look
15:20:52 <mgorse> ok
15:20:56 <joanie> thanks!!
15:20:59 <mgorse> probably should be fixed in evo, anyhow
15:21:06 <joanie> yeah
15:21:12 <joanie> but Orca should not choke on it
15:21:26 <mgorse> alright, will look again later
15:22:08 <jjmarin> I have a question, what is the work done for the new high contrast theme ?
15:22:34 <infapi00> well, the problem is that no one on this room is involved with that
15:22:45 <infapi00> afaik of course
15:22:54 <infapi00> so not sure if we will be able to answer that
15:23:03 <jjmarin> I think mclasen is the one who knows
15:23:19 <infapi00> jjmarin, you are doing a good job checking this kind of things (like the keyboard nav, and gnome-shell)
15:23:23 <jjmarin> he mentioned in a talk in devconf (Fedora conference)
15:23:26 <infapi00> under the risk of asking too much to you
15:23:36 <infapi00> could you take a look to that?
15:23:45 <jjmarin> ok
15:24:00 <infapi00> and sorry for volunteering you twice in the same meeting
15:24:08 <infapi00> fwiw, you can say no at any moment
15:24:11 <infapi00> so
15:24:11 <jjmarin> #info Juanjo will investigate what is about the new high contrast theme
15:24:19 <infapi00> yes that
15:24:30 <infapi00> anything else in this topic? moving?
15:25:01 <jjmarin> nope from me
15:25:38 <infapi00> ok
15:25:39 <infapi00> so
15:25:42 <infapi00> #topic Marketing
15:25:45 <infapi00> jjmarin, ?
15:26:25 <jjmarin> well I have some idea for the annual report https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/AnnualReport/2014/A11yRepor
15:26:50 <jjmarin> https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/AnnualReport/2014/A11yReport
15:26:50 <jjmarin> what do you think ?
15:27:13 * infapi00 skimming
15:27:36 <infapi00> well, taking into account that we don't have too much to say about wayland
15:27:45 <infapi00> I would not mention it
15:27:54 <magpie> yeah i was thinking that.
15:28:01 <infapi00> I mean that that paragraph sounds like an apologize
15:28:12 <infapi00> then on Documents
15:28:28 <infapi00> I think that if you take as base one of my posts summarizing the evince hackfest
15:28:33 <infapi00> you caould take some details
15:28:39 <joanie> jjmarin: what's the deadline?
15:28:48 <infapi00> about the orca, you would need to ask joanie
15:28:53 <magpie> yeah maybe concentrate on stuff where there has been more progress
15:29:22 <infapi00> oh well, the evince hackfest progress was part of the previous releases
15:29:40 <jjmarin> good question, I don't know the deadline
15:29:43 <joanie> infapi00: it's the annual report
15:29:45 <joanie> all of 2014
15:29:49 <infapi00> ah
15:29:52 <infapi00> sorry
15:29:52 <infapi00> yes
15:29:57 <infapi00> I was thinking on 3.16 notes
15:30:00 <infapi00> so jjmarin :
15:30:03 <joanie> i was too at first
15:30:06 <infapi00> http://blogs.igalia.com/apinheiro/2014/04/28/gnome-3-12-1-out-pdf-accessibility-progress/
15:30:08 <jjmarin> sometime we add things of early 2015
15:30:20 <infapi00> here you can find some estra stuff to mention on the document stuff
15:30:22 <infapi00> *extra
15:30:24 <jjmarin> ok, thanks
15:30:31 <joanie> and some wayland crashes were fixed
15:30:52 <magpie> can i add a sentence or two about the atk-wrapper jjmarin ?
15:31:28 <jjmarin> do you mean java ?
15:31:52 <infapi00> joanie, jjmarin yes true, as this is an annual report, then wayland can remain here
15:31:56 <magpie> yeah
15:32:30 <magpie> this might be useful for the wayland update https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/Wayland/Applications
15:32:31 <infapi00> magpie, probably it would be better if you provide the first draft of that sentence or two
15:33:01 <magpie> ok, should I put it onto the wiki or email it?
15:33:54 <jjmarin> magpie: add to the wiki
15:35:21 <magpie> #action Magdalen to add a draft update with a sentence or two about java-atk-wrapper (to the 2014 wiki page)
15:35:33 <magpie> ok thanks
15:36:13 <jjmarin> magpie: I will ping you if I have questions, and not 100% sure if it will finally be included (the annual report editor usually like to remove things)
15:36:57 <magpie> no problem
15:37:01 <infapi00> ok, thanks everybody
15:37:06 <infapi00> so anything else in this topic?
15:37:38 <jjmarin> joanie: I will read about your orca work and I'll try to summarize it
15:37:54 <joanie> ok, I'll try to write something
15:38:00 <joanie> famous last words
15:38:14 <jjmarin> thanks
15:39:04 <jjmarin> infapi00: if you have some better ideas about what to tell about wayland and a11y, just ping me or directly add in the wiki
15:39:23 <infapi00> jjmarin, ok, if I have time I will take a look to that
15:39:30 <infapi00> and thanks for pushing on that
15:39:40 * jjmarin asking everybody to do his work
15:39:57 <joanie> no, you're asking us to do our own work ;)
15:39:58 <infapi00> we (as everbody else but you) were never too good on this kind of marketing stuff
15:40:01 <joanie> which is fair :)
15:40:08 <infapi00> so, I will move then
15:40:14 <infapi00> #topic Miscellaneous time
15:40:32 <jjmarin> sunny day here !!!!
15:40:41 <infapi00> #info akappler created new emails for products that in the end it there were not created
15:40:44 <magpie> windy day here
15:40:53 <infapi00> #info I assume that it was due the bugzilla upgrade thing
15:41:24 <infapi00> #info so probably it would be good to ping them again about that, as it seems that everybody agrees on having one bugzilla product per git repository
15:41:33 <infapi00> questions, comments doubts?
15:41:45 <jjmarin> what's the problem here ?
15:41:45 <magpie> seems like progress
15:42:22 <infapi00> jjmarin, dont' know ;)
15:42:22 <magpie> jjmarin, we're wanting to make components under atspi into bugzilla products
15:42:56 * infapi00 looking for the bug
15:43:01 <magpie> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740075
15:43:12 <Services> 04Bug 740075: normal, Normal, ---, bugzilla-maint, NEW , Make at-spi2-{atk,core}, java-atk-wrapper and pyatspi2 their own Bugzilla projects (move out of "at-spi" project)
15:43:18 <infapi00> yes that one
15:43:24 <infapi00> and as mentioned, his last comment:
15:43:25 <infapi00> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740075#c17
15:43:36 <Services> 04Bug 740075: normal, Normal, ---, bugzilla-maint, NEW , Make at-spi2-{atk,core}, java-atk-wrapper and pyatspi2 their own Bugzilla projects (move out of "at-spi" project)
15:43:36 <infapi00> those maintainer related emails were created
15:43:43 <infapi00> but akappler said:
15:43:55 <infapi00> "those yet-to-create products "
15:44:04 <infapi00> so those product were not created at that moment
15:44:22 <infapi00> as I say, I assume that was due the bugzilla upgrade that was being done on the shadows
15:44:45 <magpie> yeah I suspect it might be quite tricky to transfer the open bugs
15:45:00 <infapi00> magpie, not sure
15:45:08 <infapi00> is not the first time that something like this happened
15:45:10 <infapi00> for example
15:45:12 <infapi00> initially
15:45:14 <infapi00> gail bugs
15:45:26 <infapi00> that were the bugs for the atk support of gtk
15:45:30 <infapi00> was included on atk
15:45:46 <infapi00> we reasoned that those bugs were in fact gtk bugs
15:45:49 <infapi00> gtk maintainers agreed
15:45:52 <infapi00> and were moved
15:46:19 <infapi00> the only tricky would be that on that move there will be a ton of bugzilla bugs update mails
15:46:32 <infapi00> but I don't think that is a big problem
15:46:35 <magpie> ah ok, well not sure then.
15:47:03 <infapi00> in any case, lets see what akappler say on the ping
15:47:15 <infapi00> so moving to the next misc-item
15:47:29 <infapi00> #info infapi00 announced that he is leaving the release team
15:47:50 <infapi00> #info the main reason is that he doesn't have enough time for both a11y team and release team
15:48:03 <infapi00> #info in fact, during the last months his involvement with the release team has been really low
15:48:43 <infapi00> #info additionally, after this (good in general) experience, infapi00 concluded that it is not really necessary to be part of the release team in order to be that kind of bridge between both teams
15:49:12 <jjmarin> we want our fearless leader only for us :-)
15:49:13 <infapi00> #info and after all, release team is discussing about refreshing blood on the team, so it is a good moment to leave, after almost 4 years
15:49:38 <infapi00> the only problem is that during those 4 years, only allan day volunteered himself to join the tam
15:49:52 <infapi00> in any case, that was my misc item
15:49:56 <infapi00> questions, comments, doubts=
15:49:57 <infapi00> ?
15:50:05 <magpie> seems fair enough.
15:50:55 <infapi00> yes, it is not really surprising stuff
15:50:57 <jjmarin> everything has been released all this 4 years ;-)
15:51:05 <infapi00> probably I should have done it before
15:51:21 <infapi00> it was triggered by that conversation about bringing new blood to the team
15:51:24 <infapi00> this FOSDEM
15:51:32 <infapi00> s/this/during last
15:51:53 <infapi00> well, and that was all from my side
15:51:58 * magpie missed FOSDEM
15:52:05 <infapi00> anyone else has any misc item?
15:52:07 * infapi00 too
15:52:21 <jjmarin> nope from me
15:54:22 <magpie> no, still chatting to oracle about the wrapper and was the open source awards yesterday, but not too much to report about it.
15:55:28 <magpie> they seem to have agreed that the progress monitor role probably isn't needed though.
15:55:42 <infapi00> yes
15:55:48 <magpie> so I guess I can close that bug
15:55:50 <jjmarin> java, oracle or java-wrapper was awarded yesterday ?
15:55:55 <infapi00> taking into account that they are not even able to explain their purpose
15:57:02 <magpie> haha no jjmarin, those events are separate. No GNOME awards this year, though karen was a keynote
15:57:38 <jjmarin> I heard Collabora ltd was awared
15:58:26 <magpie> jjmarin, I think you might be right about that! They were there.
15:59:05 <jjmarin> ok
15:59:11 * joanie runs to her next meeting
15:59:14 <infapi00> well, as that is not anymore about a11y
15:59:22 <infapi00> probably is a good moment to close the meeting
15:59:26 <jjmarin> ok
15:59:27 <infapi00> so thanks everybody for coming
15:59:29 <magpie> yeah sorry, went a bit off topic.
15:59:31 <infapi00> see you on #a11y
15:59:35 <jjmarin> see you !
15:59:36 <magpie> turrah!
15:59:38 <infapi00> magpie, np, this was misc time after all
15:59:40 <infapi00> #endmeeting