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Meeting started by API at 15:07:07 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.16 (API, 15:07:17)
    1. API was not able to advance too much due christmas holidays (API, 15:07:42)
    2. but he discussed with joanie and we will tweak a little the priorities for this cycle (API, 15:08:00)
    3. so bugs like bug 738705 and bug <dontfindthenumber> will get some attention this cycle (API, 15:09:21)
    4. bug 738701 is the <don'tfindthenumber> bug (API, 15:10:04)
    5. Joanie was on holiday too, but she is now back working on MathML support for Orca. (joanie, 15:11:11)
    6. After some discussion with Piñeiro, the decision is that we can have just a few new roles to support MathML, though we'll still work on the subroles. (joanie, 15:11:39)
    7. Joanie will also do the AtspiValue support if no one else volunteers (since Piñeiro will fix the gnome-shell a11y issues for her) (joanie, 15:12:13)
    8. evolution has some a11y fixes, as of this week (mgorse, 15:12:50)
    9. it reportedly works fairly well, based on discussion on the orca list, although there are still some issues (mgorse, 15:13:10)

  2. w3c updates (API, 15:19:18)
    1. "Joseph says: we discussed one very specific issue, but came to no conclusion yet. So, no news yet" (API, 15:21:59)

  3. Marketing (API, 15:22:05)
  4. Miscellaneous time (API, 15:24:09)
    1. post-holiday is hard (API, 15:24:18)

Meeting ended at 15:26:34 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. API (44)
  2. joanie (12)
  3. clown (8)
  4. mgorse (8)
  5. Services (4)

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