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  1. Progress towards 3.16 (API, 15:06:16)
    1. During this cycle, Allan day has mentioned the idea of creating a set of bugs for 3.16 (API, 15:07:10)
    2. "3.16 Target Bugs" (API, 15:07:22)
    3. in spite to what I said to the email to gnome-accessibility-devel (API, 15:07:33)
    4. this is not a replacement of the feature proposal, but something to complement it (API, 15:07:49)
    5. as far as I understood, it is used to manage those improvements that using "wiki page to track" it would be too much (API, 15:08:39)
    6. in that sense, in my opinion, some features that we announced and proposed during the feature process, like the revamp of the magnifier UI settings (API, 15:09:15)
    7. would fit here (API, 15:09:22)
    8. this is the annoucement of the first list created: (API, 15:09:43)
    9. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2014-November/msg00043.html (API, 15:09:48)
    10. quoting from that email: (API, 15:09:55)
    11. "making sure that we have a good out of (API, 15:10:09)
    12. in short, this is not a list for the usual "bugfixing", like crashes, leaks, etc (API, 15:10:35)
    13. the identified user experience field we want to add on the target list is related to keyboard navigation, but we still need some discussion on the ml, contact the designers, and create the bugs based on that work (API, 15:17:48)

  2. w3c updates (API, 15:20:23)
    1. Three ARIA documents were set up for a working draft release, namely the specificition, the core mappings, and the alternative text computation documents. (clown, 15:21:30)
    2. A request for publication of these three went out to solicit any formal objections to publication. (clown, 15:21:58)
    3. The beginning of that thread is here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-pfwg/2014Dec/0016.html (clown, 15:22:20)
    4. Some have raised objections to publishing. I'm not sure where we will land on this. (clown, 15:22:57)
    5. Also, there was more work done in terms of trying to define the meaning of @aria-current. (clown, 15:23:30)
    6. I put in some thoughts about how it is different from @aria-activedescendant. (clown, 15:23:57)
    7. People appear to agree with that difference, but others are suggesting that @aria-current is not different from @aria-selected. (clown, 15:24:34)
    8. Others have raised objects to equating those two. (clown, 15:24:46)
    9. Discussions are ongoing here. The url to that (long) email thread begins here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-pfwg/2014Nov/0039.html (clown, 15:25:27)

  3. marketing (API, 15:30:14)
  4. Misc time (API, 15:31:20)
    1. jjmarin started a thread about keyboard navigation, everybody is encouraged to follow up the thread (API, 15:35:43)

Meeting ended at 15:47:20 UTC (full logs).

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