15:05:38 <API> #startmeeting
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15:05:50 <API> #topic Progress towards 3.16
15:06:23 <API> #info API was mostly focused on reacting to bugs opened by joanmarie, mostly related with states, about new ones and documentation updates
15:06:36 <API> and done
15:06:39 <API> so, next one?
15:07:15 <joanie> #info Joanie is filing bugs, providing patches, etc.
15:07:27 <joanie> #info Joanie hopes to work on new API for subroles later today.
15:07:32 <joanie> done
15:07:46 <API> fwiw, just to be explicit
15:08:14 <API> next release of ATK/AT-spi will have new states, and will deprecate some others
15:08:42 <API> that was somewhat implicit on what joanie and myself just said
15:08:48 * joanie is removing ARMED from Gtk+ now. :)
15:08:51 <API> so, anyone else want to share ?
15:08:53 <joanie> stupid, stupid state
15:09:01 <API> oh, I thought that was not used at all
15:09:03 <API> but ok
15:09:10 <joanie> Gecko uses it too
15:09:14 <joanie> WebKitGtk+ does not
15:09:18 <joanie> dunno about libreoffice yet
15:09:47 <magpie> #info Magdalen closed about 100 obsolete atspi bugs to help with finding up to date bugs an updates and there has been discussion about making products of at-spi2-core at-spi2-atk pyatspi2 and java-atk-wrapper
15:09:49 <clown> why is stupid, joanie?
15:10:56 <joanie> it serves no point, offers no new information, results in another event being sent, etc.
15:11:33 <magpie> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740075
15:11:44 <Services> 04Bug 740075: normal, Normal, ---, bugzilla-maint, UNCONFIRMED, java-atk-wrapper should be filed under atk
15:11:46 <clown> it corresponds to a visual cue, that, admittedly, is not used consistently.  But, I can see that having an event might slow things down.
15:12:43 <API> magpie, btw, as andre didn't say anything, I will give some small margin more, and if he doesn't say anything, I will ping him on IRC
15:12:51 <API> clown, so, any other questions about STATE_ARMED?
15:13:17 <clown> API, no, not right now.  I'll ponder it...
15:13:22 <API> ok
15:13:30 <magpie> awesome API, thanks.
15:13:30 <API> then, unless somone is against
15:13:44 <API> *someone
15:13:51 <API> I will move to next topic
15:14:43 <magpie> #info java-atk-wrapper update is going well, the next step is to ensure that the wrapping is to current API by systematically going through https://developer.gnome.org/atk/unstable/ and making sure the methods correspond.
15:15:23 <magpie> thanks API, that's me done.
15:15:31 <API> probably the big thing there will be update to the new AtkText methods
15:15:31 <API> ok
15:15:33 <API> so moving
15:15:48 <API> #topic W3C updates
15:15:50 <API> clown, ?
15:16:27 <clown> #info Still on track for another publication of the aria spec, the mapping document, and the new accessilbe name computation document in early Dec.
15:17:04 <clown> #info The status of publication is "public working draft" for the first two, and "first public workding draft" for the name computation.
15:17:34 <clown> There was a lot of on list dicussions yesterday about aria-current, but I'm thinking it might be too much deep diving to say anything there.
15:17:44 <clown> I'm not sure how to summarize it effectively.
15:17:45 <joanie> :)
15:18:07 <clown> so, I'll leave that until it comes closer to a conclusion.
15:18:16 <clown> so, done.  questions?
15:18:42 <API> no, no questions from my side
15:18:52 <API> joanie, any updates from your side?
15:18:56 <joanie> nope
15:19:35 <API> ok
15:20:09 <API> so while waiting for eventual updates of aria-current on following weeks
15:20:11 <API> today just moving
15:20:19 <API> #topic Marketing
15:20:34 <API> jjmarin, ?
15:21:40 <clown> I don't think jjmarin is really here, API.
15:21:57 <clown> "idle for 2 days..."
15:21:59 <API> even when the rule is no lurkers on #a11y-meeting ;)
15:22:06 <API> but ok
15:22:13 * clown wonders if jhernandez is lurking.
15:22:23 <API> I have the feeling that today meeting will be short, more time for work
15:22:30 <API> #topic Miscellaneous time
15:22:39 <API> something not included on agenda?
15:22:48 <jjmarin> sorry, /me is busy fixing a broken server :/
15:22:57 <API> #topic Marketing
15:23:01 <API> marketing has come back!
15:23:02 * clown hands jjmarin a cast
15:23:11 <API> jjmarin you have the floor
15:23:23 <jjmarin> I don't have news in the marketing area
15:23:33 <clown> :-)
15:23:50 <jjmarin> I'll send a email about keyboard navigation in the following days
15:24:36 <jjmarin> done !
15:24:42 <API> ok, then
15:24:45 <API> for minutes sake
15:24:49 <API> #topic miscellaneous time
15:25:05 <patryk> Hi all, I just want to remind about tests :)
15:25:06 <API> #info jjmarin was working on a keyboard navigation report
15:25:19 <API> #info he will send a email on the following days
15:25:24 <API> patryk, hi
15:25:29 <API> yes, thanks for the ping
15:25:38 <API> we mentioned on last week meeting
15:25:38 <patryk> it is probably annoying, sorry for that
15:25:45 <magpie> API, yeah I was thinking to start on the editable text stuff
15:25:56 <API> no, the annoying thing is not having the time
15:25:58 <API> and sorry for that
15:26:01 <patryk> I saw logs from last meeting, thanks!
15:26:27 <magpie> also there doesn't seem to be anything in place for https://developer.gnome.org/atk/unstable/AtkStreamableContent.html
15:26:48 <API> magpie, in place where?
15:26:53 <API> on java-atk-wrapper?
15:27:17 <magpie> yeah java-atk-wrapper doesn't seem to wrap streamable content
15:28:19 <API> well, probably because java doesn't have a equivalent
15:28:25 <API> so it was not worthy to wrap
15:28:34 <API> in any case, that interface is not really used
15:28:40 <API> too much
15:29:10 <API> without thinking too much about that, I wouldn't focus too much right now on wrapping that interface
15:29:16 <magpie> ah ok, then we won't worry about it for now then.
15:29:23 <API> taking into account the current TODO list that you have at your hands
15:30:29 <API> having said so, I think that is a good moment to close the meeting
15:30:41 <API> taking into account that nobody else is raising hands
15:30:42 <API> so
15:30:53 <API> #endmeeting