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Meeting started by API at 15:05:38 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.16 (API, 15:05:50)
    1. API was mostly focused on reacting to bugs opened by joanmarie, mostly related with states, about new ones and documentation updates (API, 15:06:23)
    2. Joanie is filing bugs, providing patches, etc. (joanie, 15:07:15)
    3. Joanie hopes to work on new API for subroles later today. (joanie, 15:07:27)
    4. Magdalen closed about 100 obsolete atspi bugs to help with finding up to date bugs an updates and there has been discussion about making products of at-spi2-core at-spi2-atk pyatspi2 and java-atk-wrapper (magpie, 15:09:47)
    5. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740075 (magpie, 15:11:33)
    6. java-atk-wrapper update is going well, the next step is to ensure that the wrapping is to current API by systematically going through https://developer.gnome.org/atk/unstable/ and making sure the methods correspond. (magpie, 15:14:43)

  2. W3C updates (API, 15:15:48)
    1. Still on track for another publication of the aria spec, the mapping document, and the new accessilbe name computation document in early Dec. (clown, 15:16:27)
    2. The status of publication is "public working draft" for the first two, and "first public workding draft" for the name computation. (clown, 15:17:04)

  3. Marketing (API, 15:20:19)
  4. Miscellaneous time (API, 15:22:30)
  5. Marketing (API, 15:22:57)
  6. miscellaneous time (API, 15:24:49)
    1. jjmarin was working on a keyboard navigation report (API, 15:25:06)
    2. he will send a email on the following days (API, 15:25:19)

Meeting ended at 15:30:53 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. API (59)
  2. clown (14)
  3. joanie (11)
  4. magpie (9)
  5. jjmarin (4)
  6. patryk (3)
  7. Services (3)

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