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Meeting started by API at 15:07:04 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.16 (API, 15:07:16)
    1. In my personal case (Pi�eiro), the only new stuff is reviewing some bugs opened by joanie. Most of them related to new roles needed due current w3c conversations. On top of that, a wayland crash. (API, 15:08:07)
    2. Joanie has begun working on figuring out what all new API we'll need for some web app stuff. (joanie, 15:09:20)
    3. Joanie will make these changes a priority and then resume working on Orca for 3.16. (joanie, 15:09:36)
    4. Joanie hasn't yet had time to review all the Wayland-related issues to see if they still exist. (joanie, 15:09:54)
    5. Juanjo is taking a look to the keyboard navigation in GNOME. He learnt a new shortcut, Ctrl+Tab, that moves between groups of controls. Also it seems that the arrows are used in confused ways for navigation. I will write to accessibility list to get some input before reporting bugs to applications. (jjmarin, 15:15:47)
    6. another related issue is that the accelerators are not shown in the menus is some new redesigned applications like Gedit (jjmarin, 15:15:54)
    7. ACTION: jjmarin with confirm if ctrl+tab shortcut works too on a recent gnome-shell (API, 15:20:10)

  2. w3c updates (API, 15:20:23)
    1. We plan to publish a new working draft of the spec, the core mappings, and the accessible name computation in Dec or early Jan. (clown, 15:21:23)
    2. There is a lot of activity on three items: aria-current, role text, and aria-modal. (clown, 15:22:02)
    3. aria-current is to a way to say "you are here" in some navigation system; for example a table of contents displayed off to the left — the current page might be in bold text visually. (clown, 15:23:00)
    4. aria-current on that toc entry will relay that info to the a11y API. (clown, 15:23:17)
    5. aria-modal is going to be an option for the window role and it sub roles to declare when an author creates a window or dialog that restrcits keyboard and mouse events to that window. (clown, 15:24:34)
    6. I have looked at the various a11y APIs and all of them already have some kind of "modal" state that the aria-modal could be mapped to. I need to confirm that is okay with everyone. (clown, 15:25:14)
    7. Spec for aria-modal: http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/aria/aria.html#aria-modal (clown, 15:30:45)
    8. The purpose of the new (ARIA 1.1) role="text" is to tell ATs to treat the content as if it were plain or static text. (joanie, 15:41:37)
    9. : http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/aria/aria.html#text (clown, 15:41:43)
    10. Note that this does not mean there is actual text there. (joanie, 15:41:47)
    11. As the examples in the document Joseph linked to above show, it can apply to an image. (joanie, 15:42:04)
    12. The motivation, as Joanie understands it, is to cause screen readers to do two things: 1) not say the role because the role doesn't really matter as far as the user is concerned and 2) to prevent screen readers from pausing. (joanie, 15:42:59)
    13. The pausing happens because screen readers presenting multiple objects at once (e.g. because they're all on the same line) tend to pause -- or really, present each accessible object seperately. (joanie, 15:43:37)
    14. Joanie understands the rationale and need. Joanie does not understand why it is a good thing to expose non-textual objects as role="text". (joanie, 15:44:06)
    15. Having given this much thought and discussion with Piñeiro, our proposal is a new AtkRole. (joanie, 15:44:39)
    16. That new role is currently -- and likely to remain -- ATK_ROLE_STATIC. (joanie, 15:44:54)
    17. Joanie has provided a patch for ATK, complete with lots of documentation for implementors. (joanie, 15:45:17)
    18. Joanie just wants Alex Surkov (Mozilla a11y developer) to chime in. (joanie, 15:45:32)
    19. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=739981 (joanie, 15:46:03)

  3. marketing (API, 15:53:42)
    1. No activity in the a11y marketing front lately. I suggest to write some posts in this cycle about the shinny new stuff to showing how gnome a11y is getting better all the time :-) (jjmarin, 15:53:48)

  4. misc time (API, 15:56:09)
  5. API eventually review the last patches for atspi tests (API, 15:56:31)
  6. misc time (API, 15:56:36)
    1. API eventually review the last patches for atspi tests (API, 15:56:42)
    2. meanwhile, API published his custom scripts, that can be used as a base for atspi examples: (API, 15:57:06)
    3. https://github.com/infapi00/atspi-examples (API, 15:57:16)

Meeting ended at 16:03:39 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. jjmarin with confirm if ctrl+tab shortcut works too on a recent gnome-shell

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  1. jjmarin
    1. jjmarin with confirm if ctrl+tab shortcut works too on a recent gnome-shell

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