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  1. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:05:47)
  2. Next monday 13 is the release of 3.14.1 (API, 14:06:07)
  3. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:06:12)
    1. Next monday 13 is the release of 3.14.1 (API, 14:06:17)
    2. Main fix to be included would be the one to avoid event floods, from bug 728319 (API, 14:06:57)
    3. https://bug728319.bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=286996 (API, 14:07:08)
    4. Next week we will start the meeting with a "3.15 is starting", and we will try to list the main objectives for the cycle (API, 14:11:43)
    5. Just as an idea a) Spread the past new APIs on the toolkits (ie: ATK new text API are still not implemented in several toolkits) (API, 14:12:36)
    6. b) New APIs (there are plans for several new APIs on ATK/AT-SPI, probably we should be conservative and target for one or two) (API, 14:13:05)

  4. W3C updates (API, 14:14:29)
    1. A feature of CSS has come up that some in the working group are having issues with. (clown, 14:15:48)
    2. CSS has the ability to add content from within the style sheet. (clown, 14:16:05)
    3. When calculating the accessible name from the markup, browsers need to be aware of this, and include CSS content if the CSS is used in this way (using content rules). (clown, 14:16:54)
    4. Here is an example: http://clown.idrc.ocad.ca/Fluid/aria/renderedText.html (clown, 14:17:14)
    5. The text "We should" and "it rains" in the first sentence is not in the DOM. It's coming from the CSS. (clown, 14:17:43)
    6. As I said, some in the working group find this problematic. In fact, you can't even search for that text in FF. (clown, 14:18:10)
    7. Try to do a select all. Only the text in the DOM is highlighted, not the content coming from the CSS. (clown, 14:18:44)
    8. The face-to-face meeting at the end of the month at TPAC: the PF group will try to meet with the CSS group and discuss this. (clown, 14:19:40)
    9. ACTION: Joanie will file a bug against WebKitGtk (or WebKit, pending checking on her Mac) about this test case. (joanie, 14:30:46)

  5. Marketing (API, 14:33:47)
    1. By now, the idea of talking about the Debian adoption wasn't very good received. Mainly because it is not clear if the decision is already taken or not, and because I wasn't able to talk to the much people about it on the IRC. (jjmarin, 14:34:08)

  6. Miscellaneous time (API, 14:49:49)
    1. http://www.timeanddate.com/time/change/spain/madrid (API, 14:57:55)

Meeting ended at 14:58:41 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Joanie will file a bug against WebKitGtk (or WebKit, pending checking on her Mac) about this test case.

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  1. joanie (87)
  2. API (62)
  3. clown (40)
  4. jjmarin (14)
  5. Services (3)
  6. mgorse (2)

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