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    1. This weeks is the 3.13.92 release (API, 14:07:01)
    2. also called 3.13.92 rc, rc as "Release candidate" (API, 14:07:13)
    3. Hard Code Freeze begins (API, 14:07:43)
    4. we needed to ask for the first break freeze request (API, 14:07:56)
    5. due bug 736821 (API, 14:08:23)
    6. in summary: while testing (just in case) 3.13.92 I realized that most of the accessible tree was not there (API, 14:08:42)
    7. is a collateral effect of the previous bug 735908, as some extra cleaning was made when it was not needed (API, 14:09:50)
    8. the patch was trivial enough, approved by Jasper, and the freeze request break was granted, so the bug was solved (API, 14:10:10)
    9. anyway, it was hard to debug. During this process I found that at-spi2 doesn't works without cache (API, 14:10:44)
    10. I will open a bug later about that, to take into account in the future (API, 14:10:59)
    11. as part of the already mentioned "just-in-case", Alejandro will also make a check on gnome-shell, for missing labels or any other bug (API, 14:11:31)
    12. Joanie did the Orca 3.13.92 release yesterday (yes, late). Lots of last-minute commits, but the users are testing and so far nothing has blown up. Joanie hopes to not have to ask for code freeze break herself. :) (joanie, 14:12:43)

  1. W3C updates (API, 14:18:46)
    1. The accessible and name computation document is about 70% done in terms of pushing it to github. (clown, 14:19:36)
    2. Joseph will finish that first commit by next Monday at the latest. (clown, 14:20:00)
    3. The issue regarding custom roles is recycling back to the top of the list, and may be discussed at next Monday teleconference. (clown, 14:20:41)
    4. Does anyone here want to comment on that issue: https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/Group/track/issues/427 (clown, 14:21:04)
    5. http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/ (jjmarin, 14:23:56)
    6. Joseph bring again to the table the action iteam about sending to W3C a mail related to custom roles (API, 14:35:08)
    7. specifically the position of gnome-a11y (that is against) (API, 14:35:19)
    8. the last time we talked about that, the decision was "wait and see" (API, 14:35:32)
    9. conclusion was that we will wait till next w3c meeting on Monday, and depending on the outcome (API, 14:35:58)
    10. a mail will be sent (API, 14:36:04)

  2. Marketing (API, 14:38:08)
    1. Very calm in the marketing front. Joanie will pass me some info about her achievements in Orca 3.14, and anyone who wants something to spread out the word about GNOME 3.14 a11y is invited to do so. (jjmarin, 14:38:28)

  3. Miscellaneous time (API, 14:39:48)
    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrubbery (jjmarin, 14:43:26)
    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_who_say_Ni (clown, 14:44:18)

Meeting ended at 14:46:23 UTC (full logs).

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