14:07:36 <API> #startmeeting
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14:07:58 <API> @topic Progress towards 3.14
14:08:01 <API> #topic Progress towards 3.14
14:08:42 <API> #info Hard code freeze is next Monday
14:09:01 <API> #info after that, break exceptions for everything would be needed
14:09:08 <API> #info full schedule: https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirteen
14:09:19 <API> and sorry, but I don't have anything else to add
14:09:23 <API> joanie, mgorse ?
14:09:32 * joanie frowns
14:09:38 <joanie> ok....
14:09:41 <mgorse> Oh, I thought we were already in freeze! Yeah, I'm totally paying attention to things. Haha
14:09:58 <clown> just gives you a little more time, mgorse.  :-)
14:10:08 <joanie> #info Joanie is still making good progress on the Orca rewrite (Gecko support). That's the good news.
14:10:10 <jjmarin> just near the freezer :-)
14:10:22 <jjmarin> +1 !
14:10:43 <joanie> #info Joanie may have just discoverd a serious accessibility regression in Epiphany/WebKitGtk. But she doesn't know yet as she just encountered the problem.
14:11:00 <joanie> That's all I have to say on the matter for now
14:11:18 <API> mgorse, we are in API/ABI freeze
14:11:19 <mgorse> #info ueno found a crash in AT-SPI and sent patches. mgorse will review them today
14:11:19 <joanie> And I hope it's just some weird unstable fedora thang
14:11:29 <API> so no changes on API/ABI, but the hard code is nextt monday
14:13:53 <API> so as nobody is asking or adding more info, shuld we move to next topic?
14:14:01 <clown> okay with me.
14:14:15 <API> #topic W3C updates
14:14:17 <API> clown, joanie ?
14:14:45 * joanie proposes we deprecate all elements and put everything in a longdesc!
14:14:45 <clown> #info at last Mon's meeting, the decision to split out the accessible name and description computation into its own document was finalized.
14:15:07 <clown> #info Joseph will do the work to create the new document, and be the first editor.
14:15:47 <clown> #info Joseph will also make a first attempt at re-writing the algorithm to make it more easily understood.
14:16:05 <clown> I can't think of anything else.  joanie, can you?
14:16:18 <joanie> nope
14:16:52 <clown> #info The current name/description calculation is in the the mapping document here:  http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/implementation/aria-implementation.html#mapping_additional_nd_name
14:17:53 <clown> done.
14:18:08 <API> well, thanks, and I personally dont have questions
14:18:18 <API> good luck with the re-writing
14:18:40 <API> this good luck is totally free of snarkiness btw
14:18:53 <clown> thanks, API.  it will be tricky given all the stakeholders.
14:18:55 <API> joanie told me the other day to be careful with that, but I forgot
14:19:01 <joanie> ?
14:19:05 <joanie> I did?
14:19:14 <clown> skeletor, snarky?  really?
14:19:15 <API> well,yes, you mentioned that sometimes
14:19:18 <API> good luck with X
14:19:24 <joanie> oh yeah
14:19:28 <API> is usually a snarky comment
14:19:32 <joanie> not quite
14:19:38 <joanie> I said I'm going to do foo
14:19:44 <joanie> You said, "good luck with that"
14:19:56 <joanie> it's the "that"
14:19:59 <joanie> not X
14:20:07 <API> oh, so is snarky based on "that"
14:20:10 <API> language is complex
14:20:11 <joanie> and it doesn't necessarilyy have to be snarky
14:20:13 <joanie> yes
14:20:16 <joanie> but mtg
14:20:16 <API> lets move to next topic then
14:20:17 <jjmarin> it would be fun snarkiness standard documentation :-)
14:20:18 <clown> especially english.
14:20:31 <jjmarin> sanrky I mean
14:20:36 <clown> jjmarin, that's a wikipedia entry?
14:20:43 <jjmarin> snarky..
14:20:51 <API> oh yes, lets assign clown the task to write the snarky computation document
14:20:54 <clown> good luck with that.
14:21:00 <API> cof cof
14:21:03 <API> #topic Marketing
14:21:05 <API> jjmarin, ?
14:21:18 <jjmarin> #info nothing to comment so far.
14:21:31 <jjmarin> #info if any of you has anything to be added in the GNOME release notes, please let me now because aday wants to freeze for the translation today or so.
14:21:55 <joanie> jjmarin: Yeah, saw that in #evince
14:22:04 <jjmarin> #info if not, we can always tweet afterwards to let people know and write on blogs that we can retweet as well :-)
14:22:06 <joanie> As you may have seen there, it ain't gonna happen
14:22:16 <joanie> but we can do the blog and tweet thing
14:22:28 <joanie> I think users will be (already are) pleased with the changes in Orca
14:22:35 <jjmarin> yes, I read that, really :-)
14:22:46 <joanie> ha!
14:22:53 <joanie> complete with the ", really" :P
14:23:05 <jjmarin> :-)
14:23:32 <API> jjmarin, do you have in hand the current status of the a11y notes? or there isn't any draft like in other release?
14:23:37 <API> *releases
14:24:11 <jjmarin> this time there isn't anything I'm afraid
14:24:28 <API> ok
14:24:39 <API> then if something come to my mind I will just send random notes
14:24:54 <joanie> we have lots of good things
14:25:03 <joanie> just need time to write them all up
14:25:31 <joanie> so if it's not good enough or timely enough for GNOME proper,
14:25:35 <jjmarin> ok, great
14:25:39 <joanie> GNOME A11y can still market
14:25:46 <joanie> blogs, tweets, whatever
14:25:48 <jjmarin> sure
14:26:04 <API> well, fwiw,
14:26:06 <API> in my opinion
14:26:18 <API> is there a problem the fact that the release notes
14:26:22 <API> are being written
14:26:34 <API> more or less at the same time that hard code freeze is approaching
14:26:46 <joanie> I say this every single cycle
14:26:50 <joanie> poor jjmarin hears it
14:26:57 <API> probably I also say the same every cycle
14:26:59 <API> but I forget
14:27:04 <joanie> and I feel guilty (about telling jjmarin)
14:27:06 <jjmarin> yes, I know. The thing is that they wants to give time to translators
14:27:07 <API> and I repeat it again and again
14:27:16 <joanie> I don't feel guilty wrt the broader gnome marketing team
14:27:24 <joanie> jjmarin: here's the thing
14:27:26 <API> probably the problem is that we just say this here
14:27:33 <joanie> the translators need to translate the code
14:27:48 <API> don't sure if it would be a good thing to try to extend that complain to everybody
14:28:12 <joanie> API doubt there's much point
14:28:46 <API> well, I find strange that this is only happening to us
14:28:59 <API> if is a problem to everybody, then it would be good to try to solve it
14:29:08 <joanie> I didn't say that
14:29:19 <joanie> I said that I doubt there's much point in raising the issue
14:29:24 <joanie> ;)
14:29:27 <joanie> but moving on?
14:29:49 <joanie> jjmarin: but seriously, after code freeze, let's work together on compiling all the new features, fixes, etc.
14:30:03 <joanie> you have permission to demand it from me after freeze ;)
14:30:22 <jjmarin> ok, I will do
14:30:28 <jjmarin> :-)
14:30:31 <joanie> thanks! (and sorry)
14:30:32 <API> #topic Miscellaneous time
14:30:43 <clown> API, thanks for your reply to my email about of the relationship between ATK and AT-SPI.
14:30:51 <API> something else to mention before closing the meeting so everybody could resume their liffe?
14:31:00 <API> clown, what email?
14:31:02 <API> ah
14:31:03 <API> that email
14:31:07 <jjmarin> joanie: nothing to day sorry, I know the most important are the features for our users
14:31:07 <API> yes, np
14:31:21 <jjmarin> s/day/day
14:31:29 * API feels that sometimes he just reply emails and emails
14:31:29 <jjmarin> s/day/say
14:31:30 <clown> no-op
14:32:38 <jjmarin> the relationship between ATK and AT-SPI sounds like a good topic for a API blog post or for a new soap opera :-)
14:32:52 <API> well, fwiw, the summary
14:33:01 <API> is that someone of the W3C asked about that
14:33:02 <clown> is ATK cheating on AT-SPI with UNO?
14:33:09 <API> clown wrote a good summary
14:33:10 <clown> stay tuned....
14:33:14 <API> I just added some comments
14:33:36 <API> and agreed that probably adding some info about that relationship on that document clown is reviewing would be a good idea
14:33:52 <API> <clown> is ATK cheating on AT-SPI with UNO?
14:33:55 <API> what do you mean?
14:34:19 <clown> API, jjmarin suggested:  the relationship between ATK and AT-SPI sounds like a good topic … for a new soap opera
14:34:43 <API> ah
14:34:43 <API> yes
14:34:58 <jjmarin> hehe
14:34:59 <API> good point
14:35:01 <API> hmm,
14:35:02 <API> and about that
14:35:11 <API> something that could be infoable misc time material
14:35:13 * API looking
14:36:36 <API> #info Recently Jacobo Aragunde made a presentation about current status of LO accessibility
14:36:38 <API> #info http://www.slideshare.net/igalia/overview-and-status-of-libreoffice-accessibility
14:37:09 <API> #info at the Berlin 2014 https://conference.libreoffice.org/
14:37:13 <API> done
14:37:30 <API> so, anything else or closing the meeting?
14:37:35 <jjmarin> totally off topic, it seems Christian Hergert @hergertme has some problem wiith a11y "segfault in accessibility layer. not my area of expertise." . I think makes sense to ask  me to  write to a11y-devel list or ask in #a11y if his problem persists
14:37:57 <API> Christian is the guy working on Builder, right?
14:38:04 <jjmarin> yep
14:38:23 <jjmarin> it could cool to have an a11y builder :-)
14:38:45 <API> well, as that extract says
14:38:50 <API> if he has a problem with a11y
14:38:55 <API> he should or write a mailing list
14:38:57 <API> or open a bug
14:39:08 <API> instead of talking in a random IRC channel
14:39:53 <jjmarin> ok, I'll say that.... except the random part
14:40:05 <jjmarin> :-)
14:40:11 <joanie> heh
14:40:39 <joanie> jjmarin is the accessibility team's keep-joanie-and-api-out-of-trouble lead :P
14:40:45 <API> people love randomness, is that D&D is based on
14:40:49 <API> having said so
14:40:54 <API> #endmeeting