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Meeting started by API at 14:07:36 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:08:01)
    1. Hard code freeze is next Monday (API, 14:08:42)
    2. after that, break exceptions for everything would be needed (API, 14:09:01)
    3. full schedule: https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirteen (API, 14:09:08)
    4. Joanie is still making good progress on the Orca rewrite (Gecko support). That's the good news. (joanie, 14:10:08)
    5. Joanie may have just discoverd a serious accessibility regression in Epiphany/WebKitGtk. But she doesn't know yet as she just encountered the problem. (joanie, 14:10:43)
    6. ueno found a crash in AT-SPI and sent patches. mgorse will review them today (mgorse, 14:11:19)

  2. W3C updates (API, 14:14:15)
    1. at last Mon's meeting, the decision to split out the accessible name and description computation into its own document was finalized. (clown, 14:14:45)
    2. Joseph will do the work to create the new document, and be the first editor. (clown, 14:15:07)
    3. Joseph will also make a first attempt at re-writing the algorithm to make it more easily understood. (clown, 14:15:47)
    4. The current name/description calculation is in the the mapping document here: http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/implementation/aria-implementation.html#mapping_additional_nd_name (clown, 14:16:52)

  3. Marketing (API, 14:21:03)
    1. nothing to comment so far. (jjmarin, 14:21:18)
    2. if any of you has anything to be added in the GNOME release notes, please let me now because aday wants to freeze for the translation today or so. (jjmarin, 14:21:31)
    3. if not, we can always tweet afterwards to let people know and write on blogs that we can retweet as well :-) (jjmarin, 14:22:04)

  4. Miscellaneous time (API, 14:30:32)
    1. Recently Jacobo Aragunde made a presentation about current status of LO accessibility (API, 14:36:36)
    2. http://www.slideshare.net/igalia/overview-and-status-of-libreoffice-accessibility (API, 14:36:38)
    3. at the Berlin 2014 https://conference.libreoffice.org/ (API, 14:37:09)

Meeting ended at 14:40:54 UTC (full logs).

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  1. API (78)
  2. joanie (46)
  3. jjmarin (26)
  4. clown (18)
  5. mgorse (2)
  6. Services (2)

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