14:05:40 <API> #startmeeting
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14:05:46 <clown> API, she did attend one of the ARIA meetings.
14:06:22 <API> clown, I guess then that ARIA meeting are full of fun and joy, so vacation-worthly
14:06:31 <API> #topic Progress towards 3.14
14:06:32 <clown> Agenda:  https://wiki.gnome.org/Accessibility/Meetings#Agenda_for_the_Next_Meeting
14:06:42 <clown> API, lol
14:06:52 <API> #info last blocker related to accessibility was closed
14:06:58 * API searching for bug
14:07:26 <API> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=734805
14:07:26 <Services> 04Bug 734805: normal, Normal, ---, at-spi-maint, UNCONFIRMED, Using AtspiCollection to match via interfaces seems broken and causes crashes
14:07:37 <API> #info the fix was already included on last at-spi2 release
14:07:57 <API> #info reminder: we are at the API/ABI freeze
14:08:39 <API> #info so from now on till the final release, it will be mostly bugfixing
14:08:51 <API> #info or new functionality that doesn't need new API
14:08:58 <API> #info schedule here: https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirteen
14:09:38 <API> #info Jasper mentioned on his last post that wayland is rocking stable on 3.13.90, I personally was not able to get a working gnome-shell+wayland
14:09:52 <API> #info will wait to next release (assuming that everything will be more stable)
14:10:05 <API> done
14:10:07 <API> questions, doubts?
14:10:09 <clown> "rocking stable" = ?
14:10:26 <clown> as solid as the rock of gibraltor?
14:10:52 <API> well, the literal quote is:
14:11:04 <API> "I also fixed the last stability issue in GNOME, and now both X11 and Wayland are stable as a rock."
14:11:18 <API> from his blog http://blog.mecheye.net/2014/08/hanging-up-the-hat/
14:11:21 <clown> that sound pretty stable.  Thanks, API
14:11:38 <API> although that is misc time material, he is leaving red hat, so I guess that he wanted
14:11:57 <API> to calm people that would be worried about wayland status for this release
14:12:44 <API> eventually I guess that the release team will have a meeting, and we will talk if wayland will be the fefault for 3.14 or not
14:12:46 <API> *default
14:13:09 <API> in any case, I will move to next topic
14:13:14 <clown> sure.
14:13:18 <API> #topic W3C updates
14:13:27 <API> as joanmarie is just here in spirit
14:13:35 <API> I think that this point is all yours, clown
14:13:41 <clown> okay.
14:13:51 <clown> #info There was a joint meeting between PF (ARIA working group) and DPUB (EPub specs).
14:14:04 <clown> #info ePub has a number roles for e-documents that are not part of ARIA, e.g. "chapter".
14:14:19 <clown> #info How can these be added?  Which ones should be added? Which ones are already covered?
14:14:29 <clown> #info Expect many more meetings discussing this topic going forward.
14:14:46 <clown> #info Minutes of the meeting are here (not sure if this is a public link): http://www.w3.org/2014/08/25-dpub-minutes.html
14:15:06 <clown> #info Current solution is using markup language features that allow extending attributes (e.g. XML namespaces).
14:15:20 <clown> #info (IMO) Need to address how AAPI (e.g. ATK) will handle any new roles.
14:15:28 <clown> done.  questions?
14:15:46 <API> AAPI stands for?
14:15:50 <API> Accessibilty API?
14:15:52 <clown> Accessbility API
14:15:54 <clown> right.
14:15:58 <API> ok
14:16:26 <API> well, for that specific example
14:16:29 <API> "chapter"
14:16:48 <API> seems like a role for a container of pages ...
14:17:01 <API> not sure if adding an artificial container makes sense
14:17:16 <API> unless it is not about a chapter, but the marker for a new chapter beginning
14:17:25 <API> in any case
14:17:25 <API> ok
14:17:35 <API> I think that it would be better if I just read the conclusions
14:17:51 <clown> sure.
14:18:44 <API> well, I don't have more questions
14:18:54 <API> thanks for the update (it seems that today will be a light meeting)
14:19:05 <API> so I will move to next topic
14:19:09 <API> #topic Marketing
14:19:12 <API> jjmarin_, are you here?
14:21:20 <API> do do vi do
14:21:24 <API> seems that not
14:21:29 <API> #topic Miscellaneous time
14:21:58 <API> #info just in case someone is asking
14:22:10 <API> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=730505
14:22:10 <Services> 04Bug 730505: normal, Normal, ---, at-spi-maint, UNCONFIRMED, Draft for atspi tests
14:22:10 <API> #info is still on my TODO list
14:22:10 * clown looks
14:22:11 <patryk> Hi all,
14:22:28 <clown> these are unit tests?
14:22:49 <API> #info I will review it when I find a spare time to do that, I came from holidays last week, and Im still catching up
14:22:57 <API> clown, yes, patryk made a first patch
14:23:05 <clown> cool.
14:23:12 <patryk> And then the second
14:23:24 <API> I asked him to change it to glib-test, in order to be more aligned with the rest
14:23:28 <API> of gnome/glib patches
14:23:41 <API> and as he is saying, he also made the second one
14:23:55 <API> thank you for the patch, btw
14:24:28 <patryk> And future test has found first small bug :)
14:24:56 <API> patryk, sorry, I don't understand
14:24:59 <API> what do you mean?
14:25:06 <patryk> no problem, I took so much time to change that framework
14:25:22 <patryk> in bugzilla, there is 2 patches
14:25:45 <patryk> first patch changes testing framework to glib testing
14:26:20 <patryk> and second contains more tests for Accessible interface
14:26:28 <API> ah ok
14:26:31 <API> thanks for the explanation
14:26:35 <patryk> and there I found first small bug
14:27:05 <API> ok, well, if it is really small, you can just update the patch
14:27:15 <patryk> I am not sure thats is a bug, I am waiting for your review
14:27:18 <API> or if you prefer, wait until is reviewed
14:27:20 <API> ok
14:27:23 <patryk> :)
14:27:43 <API> well, so this was my update for the miscellaneous time (that part without real agenda)
14:27:49 <API> anyone else wants to share something?
14:27:56 <patryk> as I remember that was something with enums organization in atspi and atk
14:28:37 <patryk> I mean order of enums
14:29:19 <clown> I've got nothing more, API.
14:29:32 <API> ok, then if you don't mind, I will close the meeting
14:29:37 <API> thanks everybody for coming
14:29:42 <API> #endmeeting