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  1. Progress Towards 3.14 (joanie, 14:05:45)
    1. Joanie is continuing to rewrite Orca's support for Gecko and making great progress. (joanie, 14:06:05)
    2. New feature: Support for clickables. (joanie, 14:06:12)
    3. New feature: Support for longdescs. (joanie, 14:06:21)
    4. New feature: Support for structural navigation for images/graphics. (joanie, 14:06:43)
    5. New feature: Automatically present accessible descriptions so users don't have to guess a description might be there and ask for it. (joanie, 14:07:05)
    6. New feature: Browse mode and Focus mode for more reliable and predictable user experience. (joanie, 14:07:24)
    7. Bug fixes: Eliminating stickage, loops, and jumping past content (joanie, 14:07:49)
    8. Joanie is not done yet. There are still bugs. And the caching of content has been temporarily disabled so that Joanie can eliminate that as a source of bugs in content presentation. It will be restored before stable ships. (joanie, 14:08:34)
    9. mgorse has fixed an AT-SPI crash that shows up when using a match rule that matches on interfaces (mgorse, 14:09:01)
    10. also trying to look at performance issues on thunderbird bbut having trouble reproducing (mgorse, 14:09:46)

  2. W3C updates (joanie, 14:15:37)
    1. There is a role in the aria specification for definitions. See: http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/roles#definition (clown, 14:16:30)
    2. But, there is no corresponding role="term". (clown, 14:16:47)
    3. A proposal is to add the term role, but that proposal is in its early stages. (clown, 14:17:06)
    4. However, if it goes through, what ATK/AT-SPI role would support "term"? Or is a new role added? (clown, 14:17:33)
    6. also ATK_ROLE_DESCRIPTION_LIST (joanie, 14:18:43)
    7. this is already in ATK stable (joanie, 14:18:59)
    8. https://developer.gnome.org/atk/stable/AtkObject.html#AtkRole (joanie, 14:19:17)
    9. Igalia has just nominated Joanie to the W3C HTML WG. (joanie, 14:21:03)
    10. Joanie will now ask to join the HTML A11y Task Force. (joanie, 14:21:20)
    11. Apple does not much care for longdesc: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-admin/2014Aug/0028.html (joanie, 14:21:38)
    12. Joanie doesn't object to it, but has serious concerns. (joanie, 14:21:52)
    13. Joanie is currently writing up those concerns with proposed language for the spec for the W3C's consideration and will submit them later today. (joanie, 14:22:24)
    14. addendum: Apple also does not much care for aria-describedat: http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/spec/aria.html#aria-describedat (clown, 14:22:46)
    15. aria-describedat is a general attribute for providing a link to a description. (clown, 14:23:38)
    16. whereas longdesc can be used only with the <img> elements (clown, 14:23:53)

  3. Marketing (joanie, 14:25:50)
    1. Juanjo added the accessibility support in Evince in the script of the GNOME 3.14 release video https://wiki.gnome.org/BastianIls%C3%B8/ReleaseVideoG3.14 (jjmarin, 14:26:06)

  4. Miscellaneous Time (joanie, 14:26:55)
    1. Joseph was contacted by Meg Ford regarding a question about what happened to GNOME's inverse high contrast theme. (clown, 14:27:39)
    2. Meg had previsously been contacted by Michael Lavers who is trying to resurrection that them. (clown, 14:28:15)
    3. Joseph replied that his memory is that the magnifieirs inverse vidoe was considered the replacement of the theme, but was not entirely sure. (clown, 14:28:54)
    4. Here is a link to the new theme work: https://github.com/kolanos/gnome-high-contrast-inverse-theme (clown, 14:29:20)
    5. Question: is it worth posting Meg's question to the a11y list to find out why the theme was removed, and give direcction to Michael? (clown, 14:29:55)

Meeting ended at 14:40:05 UTC (full logs).

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