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Meeting started by API at 14:06:12 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:06:22)
    1. API started to review wayland-dev mailing lists and wikis; he didn't read in a while and a lot of traffic; no conclusions yet (API, 14:06:57)
    2. Joanie is updating all of orca's regression tests so she can get a valid and thorough baseline do to the cache testing. (joanie, 14:09:51)
    3. Joanie is not finished with this yet, so she has nothing to report about cache findings. (joanie, 14:10:12)
    4. mgorse worked on some atk/gtk/at-spi code to implement a click method, as a work-around, but it needs to be tested (mgorse, 14:10:57)

  2. W3C updates (API, 14:13:37)
    1. Steve Faulkner of the Paciello Group proposed a new role: "disclosure". (clown, 14:14:54)
    2. his working example is here: http://thepaciellogroup.github.io/disclosure-button/ (clown, 14:15:13)
    3. The two buttons in that example have the role="disclosure". (clown, 14:15:47)
    4. the role requires aria-expanded (true/false) and aria-controls (points to the content that is disclosed/hidden depending on the state of the button. (clown, 14:16:36)
    5. the working group felt that a button role as it currently is in the spec is sufficient, and agreed that aria-expanded and aria-controls should be added to a button used for disclosing. (clown, 14:17:24)
    6. Michael (W3C person) noted that Apple's a11y API does have a disclosure role, but none of the other a11y APIs do. (clown, 14:18:05)
    7. the motivation was to the replace the HTML 5 new <details>/<summary> elements. They are supposed to operate as a disclosure as well. (clown, 14:24:21)
    8. The entries in the role mapping table are all done using <details>/<summary> (and a lot of javascript): http://www.w3.org/TR/core-aam-1.1/#mapping_role_table (clown, 14:26:17)
    9. the look and act like "disclosure" buttons. (clown, 14:26:40)
    10. they look and act like "disclosure" buttons. (clown, 14:26:51)

  3. GUADEC (API, 14:28:37)
    1. API will be present at the evince hackfest, and at the first days of the GUADEC (core days) (API, 14:29:13)
    2. taking into account the usual dates for the AGM meeting probably he will not be around for that (API, 14:29:32)
    3. and taking into account that usually bofs are at the end, he will not available then (API, 14:30:10)
    4. although this year, the a11y bof is somewhat replaced by the evince hackfest, as I would focus on evince a11y (API, 14:30:31)
    5. Juanjo will also be present at the Evince hackfest, and at the GUADEC core days (I'll leave the 30th) (jjmarin, 14:32:48)
    6. Joanie will be at the Evince hackfest, core days, and the first non-core day. (joanie, 14:33:14)
    7. Jospeh will not attend GUADEC (clown, 14:33:53)

  4. Marketing (API, 14:36:11)
    1. Juanjo has put the new Orca, AT-SPI and ATK entries in the Spanish wikipedia in a decent state (jjmarin, 14:36:26)
    2. Juanjo will ask to change the title of the a11y article in the annual report from "Accessibility campaign" to "Accessibility achievements" because only a part of the (final after shorteninh) text is about the Accessibility campaign (jjmarin, 14:36:48)
    3. This short article for the Annual Report is in the following PDF in page 13 (BTW, not sure if it is an accessible PDF) https://github.com/gnome-design-team/gnome-marketing/raw/master/annual-report-2014/GAR2013.pdf (jjmarin, 14:36:59)

  5. miscellaneous time (API, 14:42:24)
  6. These days peter vagner, an orca user, was taking a look to a 3rd party library called venom (API, 14:42:53)
  7. miscellaneous time (API, 14:43:01)
    1. These days peter vagner, an orca user, was taking a look to a 3rd party library called venom (API, 14:43:07)
    2. this library is used for some 3rd party applications (API, 14:43:20)
    3. like transmission-gtk (API, 14:43:57)
    4. that defines a custom gtktreeviewcellrenderer (API, 14:44:08)
    5. the interesting part of this, is that is was written on vala, raising some interesting questions about how to extend (API, 14:44:31)
    6. default gtk accessibility support on vala (API, 14:44:45)
    7. also raised some bugs, as some stuff is not packaged on gtk vala (the a11y apis) (API, 14:45:14)
    8. also pointed the outdated guides to extend gtk accessibility (ie: they still mention the use of factories) (API, 14:45:42)
    9. hopefully all this would lead to that application more accessible, better knowledge of how to do some stuff on vala, and a list of documents to deprecate/update (API, 14:46:23)

Meeting ended at 15:07:21 UTC (full logs).

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