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  1. Progress towards 3.14 (plus a little 3.12) (API, 14:07:02)
    1. Jasper agreed on getting a provisional (and partial) solution for bug 730118 (API, 14:07:29)
    2. Piñeiro provided an updated patch (API, 14:07:50)
    3. now the magnifier doesn't call atspi.init until needed (API, 14:08:07)
    4. this mitigates somehow the problem: non magnifier users doesn't have this problem (API, 14:08:28)
    5. in general, non-at users doesn't suffer the treeview slow problem (API, 14:08:47)
    6. next step: try to solve this problem as a whole (API, 14:09:05)
    7. hopefully as a 3.14 objective (API, 14:09:12)
    8. additionally Alejandro Piñeiro was trying to resume wayland-related work, in the form of solving the lack of tree accessibility object on gnome-shell under wayland (API, 14:09:57)
    9. in the form of solving, as "trying to solve" (API, 14:10:17)
    10. Joanie got some long-awaited reviews from her colleague to expose accessible children of PDF pages (joanie, 14:19:11)
    11. And Joanie had much reworking to do, but those patches are now committed. (joanie, 14:19:25)
    12. Carlos also reviewed, tweaked, and committed support to add Tab navigation for PDF forms. (joanie, 14:19:49)
    13. There's still more work overall to do, but this is another milestone. (joanie, 14:20:06)
    14. Carlos, as Carlos Garcia, evince maintainer (API, 14:21:20)

  2. W3C updates (API, 14:22:52)
    1. There was a discussion of adding a new "aria-inert" attribute. Some history... (clown, 14:24:47)
    2. There was a previsou proposal within HTML to have an "inert" attribute to use with a container element. (clown, 14:25:18)
    3. It would be useful in cases where the web app puts up a modal dialog, and the page becomes "background" temporarily, and non-interactive. (clown, 14:25:58)
    4. The is would be useful to ATs to indicate and stop users from TAB navigating the background material while the modal dialog was up. (clown, 14:26:46)
    5. when the dialog is dismissed, the page becomes "non-inert", and returns to its former interactive state. (clown, 14:27:12)
    6. That proprosal appears to have vanished from the latest HTML editor drafts. (clown, 14:27:33)
    7. The ARIA working group is considering adding an aria-inert attribute to compensate, and, for use with other markup languages such as SVG. (clown, 14:28:05)
    8. but, this is at the beginning of the discussion. (clown, 14:28:19)

  3. Marketing (API, 14:43:40)
    1. Juanjo has done some refining to the new Orca, ATK and AT-SPI entries in the Spanish Wikipedia. Not finished yet :/ (jjmarin, 14:44:05)

  4. Misc time (API, 14:45:45)
    1. Just today, someone sent a email asking questions related to ibus-orca integration (API, 14:46:04)
    2. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-accessibility-devel/2014-June/msg00001.html (API, 14:46:06)
    3. A piñeiro replied, but mostly making questions (API, 14:46:25)
    4. as unfourtunately, he is not really used to ibus (API, 14:46:37)
    5. having said so, all the solutions proposed looked like hacks (API, 14:46:51)
    6. in summary, in theory a non-orca user is already being notified of those events (API, 14:47:22)
    7. so the solution would be about expose the same user interaction (API, 14:47:32)
    8. not creating invisible accessible objects emitting accessible events (API, 14:47:54)
    9. having said so, due our lack of knowledge on ibus, we would need to wait to her answers (API, 14:48:10)
    10. any other feedback on the list would be welcome, as support for languages that needs ibus module would be a good thing (API, 14:48:33)
    11. about bug 730505 (API, 14:48:57)
    12. both check and glib test suite are similar on features. And although it is true that check has been around longer (API, 14:49:20)
    13. just for integration, I really think that the atspi tests should be using the glib test suite (API, 14:49:45)
    14. for example, this means one less dependency on at-spi2 (API, 14:50:05)
    15. A GSoC, Lasse Schuirmann working in Boxes, has written a wiki page about keyboard nav in GNOME https://wiki.gnome.org/Accessibility/KeyboardNavigation. I read on planet gnome where his blog is syndicated http://wordpress.schuirmann.eu/2014/06/gsoc-halftime/ (jjmarin, 14:53:36)

Meeting ended at 15:02:44 UTC (full logs).

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