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  1. Progress towards 3.14 (plus a little 3.12) (API, 14:06:28)
    1. API was taking a look to bug 730118 (API, 14:06:45)
    2. he realized that if an application that is listening to accessible events (API, 14:07:21)
    3. so the bus get accessible events (API, 14:07:29)
    4. closes, the bus properly stop to receive events (API, 14:07:40)
    5. but not if the application just deregister the listeners (API, 14:07:51)
    6. in this specific case, the reason of the event flood was the magnifier (API, 14:08:12)
    7. but the magnifier was properly deregestering the listeners (API, 14:08:23)
    8. API added a patch that also calls atspi_exit() when no listeners are registered (API, 14:08:45)
    9. this solves the issue of the event flood when non accessibility tool is running (API, 14:09:04)
    10. Jasper (gnome-shell reviewer) showed concern, because this is a partial solution (API, 14:09:21)
    11. API mentioned that the patch is small enough to be included on 3.12, as a full solution would be likely too complex to that (API, 14:09:42)
    12. API suggested to apply this in order to mitigate the problem on 3.12 and working on a full solution for 3.14 (API, 14:10:09)
    13. status: waiting for Jasper review, and also confirmation that solves the problem (API, 14:10:26)
    14. During the meeting it was discussed (or a gentle reminder was send), that it should be good to investigate: (API, 14:24:59)
    15. a) real advantage of the cache. Discussing the possibility to remove it/improve it (API, 14:25:35)
    16. b) Advance with the implementation of the solution for bug 708695 (API, 14:25:53)
    17. c) Advance on reduce the amount of events sent to the bus, to avoid event flood similar to the gtktreeview one. This could be done by just filtering the events (ie: not sending so many children-changed) or compressing events (API, 14:26:56)

  2. W3C updates (API, 14:28:26)
    1. Holiday in the U.S. on Monday. There was no general ARIA meeting. (clown, 14:28:33)
    2. The ARIA documents are very close to being ready for a first public working draft relesase for version 1.1 (clown, 14:28:56)
    3. Hence, on track for this publication in the next week or so. (clown, 14:29:13)

  3. Miscellaneous time (API, 14:32:56)
    1. API made a first review for bug 730505, patryk updated the patches (API, 14:33:24)
    2. working on bug 730505 also raised the fact that at-spi2-atk doesn't have documentation at all (API, 14:37:45)
    3. probably a good small task, or a collateral effect from this work, would be starting the documentation for that module (API, 14:38:09)
    4. it shouldn't be a lot of documentation, probably only the method to start the bridge, and document that a gmodule is still available if you are a gtk2 app (API, 14:38:36)
    5. Joseph asked what are the "ATK policy" with respect of buttons, if they are atomic of they have children (API, 14:57:22)
    6. API mentions that ATK itself doesn't force anything, and having children or not depends on the implementor (API, 14:57:41)
    7. right now, in the practice, you can find both approaches (API, 14:57:54)
    8. having said so, the heavily preferred option is atomic buttons, without children (API, 14:58:31)
    9. Joseph raised this as was mentioned on one ARIA related thread, as right now, ARIA buttons are atomic, and Alex Surkov raised the doubt about if that is true (API, 14:59:38)
    10. Alex Surkov used an example that sound more a implementation detail (API, 14:59:55)
    11. conclusion: atomic buttons please (API, 15:00:14)
    12. the example: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Tech/XUL/PopupGuide/MenuButtons#The_%27menu-button%27_button (clown, 15:00:14)

Meeting ended at 15:01:54 UTC (full logs).

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  4. Services (7)
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