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Meeting started by API at 14:06:39 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:06:56)
  2. Finally java-atk-wrapper compiles without errors (API, 14:07:22)
  3. I also added myself as a maintainer, in order to have a valid contact (just in case) (API, 14:07:50)
  4. Progress towards 3.14 (API, 14:08:05)
    1. I also added myself as a maintainer, in order to have a valid contact (just in case) (API, 14:08:11)
    2. and in order to have someone reviewing patches and doing a release if needed (API, 14:08:30)
    3. next thing to check: if it really works (API, 14:08:51)
    4. Deprecations: (API, 14:09:04)
    5. recently I had a small talk with mclasen about deprecations (API, 14:09:15)
    6. I mentioned that it is still too soon to start to move to the new AtkValue, as it is pending to do the equivalent on at-spi2 (API, 14:09:37)
    7. ACTION: API will work on getting the new AtkValue API on at-spi (API, 14:09:51)
    8. I also mentioned on mclasen that during this cycle, moving to the more simplified focus (API, 14:10:15)
    9. and to the more simplified get_string API will be enough deprecations to work with (API, 14:10:35)
    10. he also mentioned that pango is not going anywhere, so implementing common support there still makes sense (API, 14:10:58)
    11. but mclasen will not work on that (API, 14:11:03)
    12. Caching (API, 14:12:25)
    13. recently fregl appeared on the IRC (API, 14:12:39)
    14. and we had another talk about the cache (API, 14:12:50)
    15. so again we talked about the fact that we don't know for sure if the cache is helping or not (API, 14:13:34)
    16. so for this cycle it would be good to (API, 14:13:45)
    17. 1. review how works at-spi2 without cache (last time that I tried to not use cache I had some problems= (API, 14:14:13)
    18. 2. evaluate/compare cache vs non-cache (API, 14:14:27)
    19. 3. if it is not worthy, remove the cache. If it is worthy, try to fix some weird bugs (API, 14:15:15)

  5. (API, 14:24:38)
  6. W3C updates (API, 14:24:41)
    1. The main topic of interest at the last ARIA concall, at least to Joanie, is providing proper support for annotations/comments, i.e. as found in documents. (joanie, 14:25:17)
    2. This was raised in the context of web apps, of course. However, this is an area that is in general poorly supported (e.g. in PDFs, in LibreOffice, etc.). And Joanie is interested in a solution that addresses all three -- if possible. (joanie, 14:25:20)
    3. Having said that, there was much discussion but no conclusions (yet). This will be a topic for a future meeting. (joanie, 14:25:24)
    4. Regarding the User Agent Implementation Guide, we are planning on doing a "heart beat" draft. Which boils down to updating the guide content with current stuff, or an unstable release as best as Joanie can tell. :) (joanie, 14:26:37)
    5. What is of interest to us here is that the comments we submitted for the mapping of roles are expected to be included. (joanie, 14:26:41)

  7. Marketing (API, 14:33:46)
    1. Not too much marketing activity this week. The report for the annual report has been reviewed (jjmarin, 14:33:59)
    2. I'm thinking about translating the updated English entries in the Wikipedia into Spanish for the Spanish Wikipedia :) (jjmarin, 14:34:14)

  8. Miscellaneous time (API, 14:35:39)
    1. http://www.concursosoftwarelibre.org/1314/ (jjmarin, 14:38:26)
    2. http://worldofgnome.org/get-gnome-3-12-in-fedora-20-from-copr/ (jjmarin, 14:45:25)
    3. http://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/ (jjmarin, 14:46:07)
    4. http://opensuseadventures.blogspot.com.es/2014/05/gnome-312-arrives-to-opensuse.html (jjmarin, 14:47:57)

Meeting ended at 14:52:13 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. API will work on getting the new AtkValue API on at-spi

Action items, by person

  1. API
    1. API will work on getting the new AtkValue API on at-spi

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  1. joanie (91)
  2. API (85)
  3. jjmarin (28)
  4. mgorse (7)
  5. jhernandez (4)
  6. Services (2)

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