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  1. Issues related to 3.12 (API, 14:11:02)
    1. A bug on gjs made the magnifier crash gnome-shell when caret/focus tracking was active (API, 14:11:33)
    2. there is a patch and small test there, and it is already moved to gjs component (initially was reported at gnome-shell) (API, 14:12:26)
    3. it has critical:3.12.1 labels, so hopefully it will be fixed for 3.12.1 (API, 14:12:56)
    4. mgorse thinks he knows how to fix the leaking socket directories and plans on fixing that for 12.1, along with having the registry check that apps are still alive when children are quried. (mgorse, 14:14:26)
    5. there is a bug to improve pdf accessibility: expose all pdf pages instead of just the current one, useful for "sayall" navigation (API, 14:15:29)
    6. patches were reviewed and updated, second review to confirm if they should be committed is pending (API, 14:16:04)
    7. with luck, that will be also part of 3.12.1 (API, 14:16:13)
    8. Joanie has been fixing minor bugs in Orca reported by testing users. They will go into 3.12.1 (joanie, 14:16:40)
    9. Joanie is also working on some addition pdf stuff that she hopes can go into 3.12.1 (joanie, 14:16:59)

  2. Plans for 3.14 : Wayland (API, 14:19:22)
    1. discussion about security of the previous weeks (API, 14:19:39)
    2. have moved from the security technical point of view (API, 14:19:50)
    3. to how to deal with users and the new (hypothetical) security related dialogs (API, 14:20:13)
    4. Allan Day used as example that it would not be a good idea replicate those dialogs on Android (API, 14:20:41)
    5. that in the end all users say "ok" to "do whatever you want with my device" (API, 14:20:58)
    6. in summary: not a lot changed on this side (API, 14:21:35)

  3. Plans for 3.14: Other stuff? (API, 14:26:28)
    1. https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirteen/Features/ (clown, 14:26:53)

  4. W3C updates (API, 14:29:18)
    1. The main new thing under consideration is to add a "label" role. (clown, 14:29:53)
    2. Still not decided, but tending towards, if we do add a label role, the markup must also include a label-for attribute. (clown, 14:30:31)
    3. For example, <div role="label" aria-labelfor="foo">This is the label text</div> … <span role="textfield" id="foo"></span> (clown, 14:31:29)
    4. the textfield in that example is labelledby by the label div. (clown, 14:31:53)
    5. The rationale is to provide aria support for what html already has for the table caption element and the figure figcaption element. (clown, 14:32:33)

  5. Marketing (API, 14:43:57)
    1. The AT-SPI entry for the wikipedia is W.I.P. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT-SPI (jjmarin, 14:44:21)

  6. miscellaneous time (API, 14:47:44)

Meeting ended at 14:52:37 UTC (full logs).

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  3. joanie (29)
  4. jjmarin (19)
  5. Services (4)
  6. mgorse (2)

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