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Meeting started by API at 15:07:07 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Progress towards 3.12 (API, 15:07:22)
    1. hard code freeze is here (API, 15:07:55)
    2. from now, just important (criticals, crashes, etc) bugs, and every of them with RT bless are allowed (API, 15:08:30)
    3. in my specific case, AtkValue changes got included on 3.11.92 (API, 15:08:57)
    4. in API specific case, AtkValue changes got included on 3.11.92 (API, 15:09:15)
    5. API was being working also on some evince bugs, but last one (API, 15:09:53)
    6. bug 724965 (API, 15:10:09)
    7. included 10 patches, so getting them into 3.11.92 needed too much review in a hurry (API, 15:10:31)
    8. evince maintainer mentioned that he will try to review and get them into 3.12.1 (API, 15:10:48)
    9. There were several Evince accessibility issues (including a crash and broken AtkText stuff from the old/original accessibility implementation from years past) that are now fixed. (joanie, 15:12:59)
    10. Thus the generic "Evince has better accessibility" statement is indeed correct. (joanie, 15:13:19)
    11. Joanie is now working on Orca + Evo accessibility. (joanie, 15:13:39)
    12. Some things are working that were not, but there may still be larger issues. Thus we cannot yet say if Evo 3.12 is really accessible. (joanie, 15:14:08)
    13. as mentioned now is about catching critical bugs (API, 15:15:18)
    14. one one that appereared recently, although not affecting directly orca is this: (API, 15:15:49)
    15. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=972257 (API, 15:15:55)
    16. ACTION: Joanie will file an upstream bug and notify downstream regarding the dead app issue. (joanie, 15:21:37)
    17. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726781 (joanie, 15:26:19)

  2. w3c updates (API, 15:31:58)
    1. API didn't send yet that email about what failed on extending roles at ATK (API, 15:32:27)
    2. There were two new topics under discussion at this week's ARIA telecon. (clown, 15:33:21)
    3. They were (1) another way of making role values extensible, and (2) adding a new role for <input type="search"> (clown, 15:33:57)
    4. nothing is resolved, but, briefly the status of each is: (clown, 15:34:11)
    5. Desire to allow third parties to add their roles to the role attribute as long as they leave a default fall back role (clown, 15:34:46)
    6. for example <div role="epub-chapter region" …> (clown, 15:35:15)
    7. Here the Epub group has marked the div as their "chapter" role. If the AT doesn't understand what that means, then it uses the "region" fall back (clown, 15:36:04)
    8. Current status of this proposal is that it will be formally written up, and then discussed further. (clown, 15:36:31)
    9. Regarding the new search role: HTML 5 has that new input type. (clown, 15:36:56)
    10. There is a question of how it is exposed through a11y APIs. Currently, I think, type="search" comes out as a text entry role (clown, 15:37:57)
    11. But, if there is a new, say ATK_ROLE_SEARCH, and one wants to use that in another language such as SVG, then there need to be an ARIA role "search". (clown, 15:38:41)
    12. however, the deatils are still under discussion. (clown, 15:38:54)

  3. Marketing (API, 15:45:19)
    1. The release notes for 3.12 features a couple of short lines related to accessibility : "Accessibility has been improved for links in labels, menus and the color chooser dialog." and "Evince features improved accessibility for reading PDFs. Further accessibility improvements are planned for next release." (jjmarin, 15:45:28)

  4. miscellaneous time (API, 15:53:26)
    1. There is some suggestions regarding new UI for focus/caret tracking in the magnifier. (clown, 15:57:34)
    2. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-accessibility-list/2014-March/msg00003.html (clown, 15:57:44)
    3. Bas (a user) is in favour of keeping the mode separate for focus vs caret tracking. (clown, 15:58:27)

Meeting ended at 16:03:25 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Joanie will file an upstream bug and notify downstream regarding the dead app issue.

People present (lines said)

  1. API (123)
  2. joanie (49)
  3. clown (33)
  4. jjmarin (28)
  5. jhernandez (8)
  6. Services (5)
  7. mgorse (4)

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