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Meeting started by API at 15:01:47 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. The switch to Services (API, 15:05:57)
    1. Our team has switched to the GNOME infrastructure (Services) for meetbot. Joanie's personal bot (tota11y) is no longer here. (joanie, 15:06:43)
    2. The benefits of doing so are: Using GNOME infrastructure (as the sysadmin team prefers we do), and getting GNOME support for meetbot bugs. (joanie, 15:07:25)
    3. This change, however, means that we can no longer redact minutes. Minutes and logs are available at https://meetbot.gnome.org (joanie, 15:08:04)
    4. While we very, very rarely have a need to redact minutes, there have on occasions been times where we need to have a frank discussion. (joanie, 15:08:35)
    5. We can continue to have such frank discussions, of course. But there will no longer be an opportunity to request Joanie remove something that perhaps should not be shared with the world at large. :) (joanie, 15:09:18)
    6. Joanie will definitely continue linking our minutes page to the public/Services minutes. (joanie, 15:10:28)
    7. Joanie will likely not do the reformating or spelling clean up going forward. (joanie, 15:10:53)
    8. https://meetbot.gnome.org/a11y-meeting/2014/a11y-meeting.2014-02-27-15.01.log.txt (clown, 15:10:59)

  2. OPW/GSoC (API, 15:15:09)
    1. Once again it's time for OPW and GSoC. (joanie, 15:15:50)
    2. Once again, Joanie does not have time to serve as a mentor. Piñeiro does not either. (joanie, 15:16:19)
    3. Joanie is assuming that will be the case for others. As a result, she updated the "mentors" page to reflect that we do not have time this cycle. (joanie, 15:16:46)
    4. Joseph neither. If Joseph has any time, he would prefer to use it to do the work himself. (clown, 15:17:00)
    5. If Joanie is incorrect about her assumption, and other team members have the time and interest to mentor, please let Joanie know. Or update the page to list yourself as a mentor who is available. (joanie, 15:17:36)
    6. https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeLove/Mentors#Software_Projects (joanie, 15:18:08)

  3. Progress towards 3.12 (API, 15:20:07)
    1. Bug 651353 is closed (API, 15:20:52)
    2. so we have an AtkTableCell interface (API, 15:21:01)
    3. we even have someone doing the first implementation (API, 15:21:12)
    4. https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=129250 (API, 15:21:53)
    5. WebkitGTK is starting to implement it (API, 15:22:08)
    6. hopefully we would get in implemented smoothly, and in the worse case, feedback if there is any issue on the new API (API, 15:22:33)
    7. note that AtkTableCell is right now only on an unstable release (API, 15:22:52)
    8. so if any problem appear, we can even nuke methods without deprecations (API, 15:23:07)
    9. is true that 3.12 is just there, but in any case (API, 15:23:20)
    10. We have a new patch for bug 684576 (API, 15:23:41)
    11. that replaces GValue for doubles and add support for string descriptions of strings and ranges (API, 15:24:00)
    12. but before committing it I would like feedback from implementors (API, 15:24:16)
    13. mainly from alex surkov, who raised the range issues (API, 15:24:28)
    14. http://www.w3.org/TR/2014/PR-wai-aria-20140206/states_and_properties#aria-valuetext (clown, 15:33:12)
    15. ACTION: API will update AtkValue patch after a11y-meeting conclusion (API, 15:35:29)
    16. ACTION: Joanie will ping Alex Surkov about the AtkValue API proposed. (joanie, 15:38:43)
    17. Benjamin recently committed some changes to GtkTreeView accessibility and pinged me to be on the lookout for breakage. (joanie, 15:40:18)
    18. s/me/Joanie/ (joanie, 15:40:33)
    19. Joanie tested and discovered some very-hard-to-reproduce segfaults (joanie, 15:40:51)
    20. Joanie pointed these out to Benjamin who suggested Valgrind and provided a basic explanation of what the segfault was connected to. (joanie, 15:41:17)
    21. Unfortunately, Joanie has no idea how to reproduce this issue. And Benjamin doesn't know where the ref/unref issue behind it lies. (joanie, 15:41:50)
    22. And it is nearly 3.12 time. (joanie, 15:42:01)
    23. So if people with spare time can also try to crash GtkTreeViews with Accessibility tools, that would be helpful. ;) (joanie, 15:42:27)
    24. Joseph received feedback from a magnifier user stating that his preference is for tracking modes to be independent of one another. He is going to do a screen shot of ZoomText's preferences UI in this regard. (clown, 15:43:05)
    25. mgorse committed a change to get the new libatspi to be compatible with older versions of at-spi2-registryd, so long as the new event listener registration API isn't being used (mgorse, 15:47:12)
    26. Apparently, it is possible, in a jhbuild environment, for the system at-spi2-registryd to be used (mgorse, 15:48:12)
    27. but the change means sending a signal with two different D-Bus signatures, depending on conditions, so it seems not very clean (mgorse, 15:49:26)

  4. W3C updates (API, 15:53:32)
    1. Alex has suggested, for aria-pressed, remove the object attribute "checkable:true" (clown, 15:54:00)
    2. I have looked into it, and aria-pressed is only ever used with role="button". (clown, 15:54:25)
    3. meaning, you can get the toggle-ability from the role alone — no need for a checkable state. (clown, 15:54:52)
    4. I also looked ATK's toggle button, and it doesn't use a checkable object property. (clown, 15:55:14)
    5. It looks like this is an okay change to make to the mapping tables in the UAIG. (clown, 15:56:23)

  5. Marketing (API, 16:01:01)
    1. Juanjo has received the reply from Alejandro about the of AT-SPI/ ATK entries for updating the Wikipedia. Juanjo hasn't got the time yet to process the reply (jjmarin, 16:01:08)
    2. Juanjo hasn't updated his early draft for the annual report this week. (jjmarin, 16:01:26)
    3. GNOME 3.12 is getting closer and it is a good idea to add the new features, big fixes, better bugs or refactoring in https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointEleven/ReleaseNotes#What.27s_new_in_accessibility in order to find a place in the release notes (jjmarin, 16:03:03)
    4. So, yes add some info there. You can add also some bugzilla references or any kind of link to learn more about those features and what to write about :-) (jjmarin, 16:07:16)

  6. miscellaneous time (API, 16:07:35)
    1. http://accessibility.linuxfoundation.org/a11yspecs/ia2/docs/html/_accessible_role_8idl.html#ae37ff81431ee3762a5d41a2cb909108da6d356fef4baf5bd970b156acada90541 (clown, 16:08:52)
    2. http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/accessibility-ia2/2014-February/001839.html (clown, 16:09:52)

Meeting ended at 16:14:43 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. API will update AtkValue patch after a11y-meeting conclusion
  2. Joanie will ping Alex Surkov about the AtkValue API proposed.

Action items, by person

  1. API
    1. API will update AtkValue patch after a11y-meeting conclusion
    2. Joanie will ping Alex Surkov about the AtkValue API proposed.

People present (lines said)

  1. API (146)
  2. joanie (135)
  3. clown (85)
  4. jjmarin (17)
  5. mgorse (14)
  6. Services (10)

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